Year One

One year ago today, eight game managers banded together and launched the 22nd Fleet. Since that time, our membership has grown in droves, and it still continues to grow today. When we founded this group, we could have expected to come as far as we have in such a short period of time. And it’s all because of you.

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The 22nd Fleet was founded by players to serve as an organization for players. We are united by our love to write fan-fiction through our various simulations (games) that span multiple genres, from Star Trek, Mass Effect, Firefly, Orville, Star Wars, and even some original sci-fi!

Are you a player seeking a game to join? Check out our divisions, or view recent recruiting advertisements.

Are you looking to start a game, or bring an existing game into the fold? Want to help us branch out into the supernatural or fantasy realms? Apply today!

Write With Us!

Looking to join a game? Check out our Divisions!

Looking to start a new game? Or wish to bring an existing one to the 22nd? Apply today!

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