Twenty Years Later…

It’s been twenty years since the Atlantis Expedition, and ten years since the SGC went public. Earth is now at the heart of a fledgling interstellar nation as the individual nations of Earth have finally left Earth for their own fortunes. The SGC, that was first started by SG-1, under the Command of General Hammond, has become more than a international exploration and peacekeeping force, but the same spirit endures as an interstellar force dedicated to truly inheriting the Tau’ri’s status as The Fifth Race.

Even in this time of promise and prosperity, the galaxy remains a dangerous place. New threats and old remain in the galaxies. And so Jessica Andrews of Salara (Arri), one of the few Tok’Ra remaining, has been assigned command of the Daedalus Battlecruiser UNSGC Johnathon O’Neil.

Please welcome the UNSGC Johnathon O’Neil!