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What a difference a day makes!

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Yesterday was a fantastic day for the 22nd Fleet as we had a number of fantastic sims join us.

The first two, commanded by ConfusedFire, are the Excalibur-class USS Onnar and the Vidal Fleet Yards. The newest vessel to hold the name Onnar is ready for scientific exploration, gaining knowledge, meeting new races, and experiencing the joys of discovery whilst the Vidal Fleet Yards were built following the discovery of mineral rich resources in the Ivaldi system. Starfleet decided to construct mining facilities, set up a settlement and construct an Immense Class starbase; a fantastic asset to the fleet.

Next, Alexander joined us with the USS Athena and the USS Scorpio respectively. Whilst the Athena is on a secret mission yet to be released to the wider fleet, for the Scorpio a mission of exploration sees the crew sent to investigate the mysterious loss of contact with Omega Centauri in the Gamma Quadrant. A colony of primarily Humans and Trill that started only 3 months earlier. What will the crew find?

JakeSjet joined us next with Canopus Station and the crew of the USS Traveller. Both sims look to expand to a new frontier of exploration and adventure: Messier 4. The globular cluster that orbits our galaxy is home to thousands of stars, and more mysteries and terrors than can be dreamed up in all the mad rantings of a soothsayer. Canopus Station is Starfleet’s response to the dramatic reaction to our presence in Messier 4 following the Traveller expedition of 2388.

Memory Theta, commanded by Wizardbeard, also joins us. The Greek letter Theta was once used as an ancient symbol for death or danger. As the repository for technologies, artifacts, and knowledge deemed too dangerous for public awareness or even storage elsewhere, Memory Theta embodies the ancient legacy inherent to its name. Due to its highly classified contents and location, the facility and its staff have been given a quasi-mythical status among even the highest echelons of Starfleet.

Star Trek: Peregrine, also commanded by Wizardbeard, joins the fleet. By 2380, the post-war reconstruction efforts resulted in the Treaty of Alliance between the Federation and the Klingon Empire came to include the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire. A Federation-led coalition task force called the Peregrine Commission has a unique level of initiative within its mandate to safeguard the delicate political balance centered around assisting the galaxy’s universal reconstruction efforts. Despite the commission’s best efforts, a new subversive element has arisen and struck from the shadows…

Lastly, Bobby joins the fleet with his sim, Diogara Station. Diogara deals with humanities most serious threat – the Borg. Whilst the Borg remain defeated and significantly less than they were prior to Voyager’s historic return home, they brushed aside the defenses of the Federation Transwarp Gateway. They sent a Active Particle Variance Pulse into the gateway, which triggered the Plasma Dissipation Inverter, destroying the Transwarp Gateway in the Delta Quadrant. All that is left is defended by the crew of Diogara.

On behalf of all members of the fleet, we welcome these fantastic new additions!