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What A Week!

Much has happened this week throughout the sim community. Regardless of those events, we at the 22nd want to plainly state that we do not tolerate harassment of any kind regardless of race, gender, age, beliefs and more, especially when it comes to the opinions and actions of others. What has occurred elsewhere is just that… elsewhere. The 22nd Fleet has been established to be a safe haven for writers of any kind, free from political drama, so that they can focus on writing collaborative and creative stories.

We are honored that there are multiple sims that have chosen to join our roster this week. 

In our Misc Division, we welcome:

  • Geronimo, a Firefly sim led by TheeFlamehead set just six months after the events of Serenity.

In our Star Trek Division, we welcome:

  • USS Sentinel, Intrepid Class led by Brainfishes set in the Beta Quadrant
  • USS Thurgood Marshall, Intrepid Class led by Kalo, a NCIS-type procedural set in the Alpha Quadrant
  • USS Ulysses, Excelsior class led by Kai set after the events of The Undiscovered Country
  • IRW Laehval, a Roman sim led by Chris focusing on events in the Romulan Star Empire
  • USS North Carolina, Odyssey class led by Jonathan Wilson set in the Star Trek Online era

In our Orville Division, we welcome:

  • USS Eugene, led by Warr set during the events of The Orville

Welcome to all our new faces!