A Diverse Slice of Sci-Fi

The newly-formed 22nd Fleet presently offers close to 40 simulations spread across multiple genres/franchises of science fiction and beyond. Here’s a quick look at a few of those!

Our newest game, the Federation of Illyria, follows Earth in the year 2100. A world war devastated the globe, leaving humanity to rebuild. The Federation (created from the unification of North America, what used to be the European Union, South Africa, Brazil, Oceania and Japan) is a highly advanced and wealthy presidential federal republic. Join us as we together engage the new challenges faced by a people finally becoming part of the greater galactic community.

Following the 2100 presidential election, the new president steps into an office that in recent times has seen its workload increase. Just days after the election was concluded, the neighbouring power of Zirkovia had deployed additional forces to the Illyrian border under the guise of military exercises while miners on Avalon I have announced a strike to demand better working conditions. The president and their new administration must rapidly decide which of the issues to prioritize as Illyria rapidly approaches the launch of the ISS Hawking, the first manned ship to leave the solar system.

In the modern age, Brunswick PD, follows a team of police officers and investigators who safeguard the city of Brunswick, Georgia. Together, they will strive to keep crime to a minimum and to serve and protect those who live in the city.

In a unique look from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, SHIELD: The Asylum picks up the pieces from the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Triskelion, HQ of Shield is in shambles. Hydra is a resurgent force, erupting from SHIELD, the organization is now a shadow of its former self. 

Taking a page from recent video games, SHD: The Division follows the events of Black Friday as Green Poison spreads like wildfire throughout the USA. In Washington, the FBI and the CIA, working together to safeguard the lives of countless Americans, believe another terrorist attack is imminent; if only they knew the true horror that awaited… Having been sent anonymous intelligence files from within the Dark Zone, which includes footage of Division agent Aaron Keener going rogue and killing other agents whilst working with criminal gangs to take control of the city, the agencies learn of another plot to spread the Green Poison pathogen to other cities. Determined to try and salvage one of America’s greatest cities, President Kane orders a second team of Division agents to retake the city at all costs…

Another of our newest offerings, Mass Effect: Amaterasau sees the defeated Sovereign, and the Geth driven back beyond the Perseus Veil. Captain Arysa T’Vell of the SSV Amaterasu is commissioned to a renewed project by the Citadel Council and the Systems Alliance, the ship boasts an inter-species crew, new technologies and her mission,one of hope. Amaterasu’s mandate is as much of a test of all the Citadel races working together is it is of keeping all Citadel worlds safe. With Shepard gone and the Normandy’s crew re-assigned, the universe would rather forget, rather ignore the whispers and stories of Reapers and Collectors coming for us all. It is up to the crew of the Amaterasu to forge ahead, to rebuild and protect us in this uncertain future.

Browncoats Unite! The Geronimo picks up six months after Malcolm Reynolds broadcasted the signal that changed everything. Alliance infrastructure is beginning to crumble, and a second Unification War is brewing. As neighbor begins to distrust neighbor, Browncoats are being pulled out of the back of closets, and the upcoming Unification Day is becoming a tenser subject by the minute. As the regular supply lines begin to degrade, the need for cargo haulers and smugglers is at an all-time high. Enter people like Clayton Stanton, a captain whose abilities and grace under pressure are only matched by his cold demeanor. In this hostile climate, it was people like him that got people what they wanted, no matter the cost. And it seems as though he’s looking for a few extra crew. 

Following twenty years after the Atlantis Expedition and ten years after the Stargate Command, the UNSGC Jonathon O’Neil is commissioned for service. Jessica of Salara, an experienced Tok’Ra Commander placed in command of the O’Neil, has noticed strange activity at the edge of the galaxy that may end the ten years of progress the galaxy has entered into under the protection of the Fifth Race; the Tau’ri. To aid her in finding the source of this threat, General Samantha Carter has placed the UNSGC Jonathan O’Neill under Jessica’s command. The crew now meets onboard the newest addition to the Tau’ri fleet.

Finally, just one year after the Death Star was destroyed, the Anura follows the lives of those whose lives were destroyed by both the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire. While the Rebellion rages on, the rest of the galaxy has been left to suffer. The Empire has systematically cracked down on those who sympathize with the Rebel cause. In their efforts, the Empire has only generated more strife. Honest merchants and shipping traders have been forced to either submit wholly to Imperial oversight or take part in the illegal activities that have long threatened to put them out of business. Enter Prasin Niosa, heir to what remains of the Anura Shipping Company which had flourished for generations. Saddled with crippling debt and facing a life sentence in the Spice Mines of Kessel, Prasin assembles a team of mercenaries to pull off a job for the Cularin Syndicate that will change their future forever…

All of our sims are currently seeking new players to continue these exceptional stories in these fantastic universes. If you’d like to help us expand into these franchises, or explore something entirely new, fill out an application for a new sim today!