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Celebrating Writing

Hello friends! As some of you are aware, we have established an Awards Committee who are exploring different ways of offering awards to recognize those within our community. Our Officers are presently conferring on some awards for the last quarter, and we will be happy to announce those soon.

Something new that we are starting, however, is a Post of the Month honor! Submissions are welcome from all corners of the 22nd Fleet, and even players can submit a favorite post of their own for consideration.

Posts will be collected via this form over the course of a month. The nominations will be collected and presented to the community via Google Forms for voting.

Normally, this process would last a full calendar month, with the deadline being the first day of the month. Since today is August 3rd, and we’re just getting started, we will be accepting submissions through Friday, August 9th. Submissions will then be combined into a voting form, presented to the community and allowing everyone to vote over a seven-day period. The post with the most votes shall win the award.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Greenfelt on the 22nd Fleet Discord Server.

The submission form can be found here: https://www.22ndfleet.com/post-of-the-month-nominations/

Happy simming!


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