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Quarterly Award Winners!

Greetings, 22nd Fleet! Today is a day that has been a while in the making as we had to develop and work out some procedures since we are still starting out. Our Game Managers file a quarterly report with the Division Heads every three months that provides some detail with what is happening on their games from story and OOC standpoints. As part of that report, we ask our Game Managers to provide nominations for Sim and Player of the Quarter.

At the time of the reporting period, we did not have these awards set up. We do have a committee hard at work figuring out a few different awards, but we have also finally settled the process for our quarterly awards.

From our reports, we received nominations for 13 different players and 10 different sims. Our officers collectively reviewed each nomination and voted according to their individual preferences, and we at last now have winners…

Players of the Quarter

BRONZE LEVEL: Ayla Seton (Blondie), Geronimo

SILVER LEVEL: Commander Iazil Naadel (Rachel), Vidal Fleet Yards

GOLD LEVEL: Lt. Commander Shadi (Wizardbeard), USS Traveller

Sims of the Quarter

BRONZE LEVEL: USS Triumphant, Commodore Michael Aravan (Camila), Commanding

SILVER LEVEL: Geronimo, Clayton Stanton (Flamehead), Commanding

GOLD LEVEL: Canopus Station, Captain Benjamin Ingram (JakeSjet), Commanding

Congratulations to all of our winners! We look forward to the next quarter for more amazing nominees!


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