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Join us For Friday Night Bash!

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It is our pleasure to officially announce the (rescheduled) first ever 22nd Fleet Friday Night Bash taking place on Friday September 27th! This event will include Science Fiction Trivia in which the winner will be granted the opportunity to rename our chairperson Greenfelt to something else in our discord server for that weekend. Topics for the Trivia will cover all of our favorite television shows, movies, and books that are of the Science Fiction genre.

There will also be an opportunity for everyone to share artwork that they have drawn in a separate channel during the event. This artwork doesn’t have to fall into the Science Fiction genre it only has to be appropriate to the PG-13 age rating. There will be another channel available for discussion about the many television shows, movies, books, etc. that we enjoy so much.

An opportunity for live simming will also take place for all to participate in. As many of our simms come from several different universes this live simming will be a cross-universe event allowing for characters from multiple universes to meet each other.

The event will take place on Friday, September 27th and the times for the events are as follows:

  • Event Time: 6:00PM EDT until 11:00PM EDT (10:00PM GMT until 3:00AM GMT)
  • Trivia: 7:00PM EDT until 9:00PM EDT (11:00PM GMT until 1:00AM GMT)
  • Live Simming: 7:00PM EDT until 11:00PM EDT (11:00PM GMT until 3:00AM GMT)
  • Artwork Display & Discussion: 6:00PM EDT until 11:00PM EDT (10:00PM GMT until 3:00AM GMT)

All are welcome to participate in this event so please inform your crews immediately so that they may join in on the fun!

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