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Star Wars: Resurgence

The Miscellaneous Division is proud to welcome a new simulation into our ranks!

“Beyond the field of battle the crew of the Arquitens Class command cruiser, Resurgence, has been ordered out to the fringes of the Outer Region Territories in order to investigate a string of kidnappings of Force-Sensitive people from the planet Kraton III. In lieu of a shakedown cruise, the Resurgence under the command of Jedi General Taron Loq-Varr, will begin an investigation that could drastically challenge beliefs the crew once held to their core.”

Star Wars: Resurgence is an 18+, Play-by-Nova simulation. Resurgence is set in the year 19BBY not long before the execution of Order 66 which resulted in the Jedi Purge. Players can be Jedi, Clone, or Republic Navy generally. Sith characters are also available, subject to GM team approval.

All of our sims are currently seeking new players to continue these exceptional stories in these fantastic universes. If you’d like to help us expand into these franchises, or explore something entirely new, fill out an application for a new sim!