MISC Division- 3rd Quarter Report

October 11, 2019 by TheeFlamehead


As the home of all things unique and original, the MISC Division has had a turbulent, but eventful 3rd quarter! Since becoming Division Head on July 19th, I’ve worked diligently to ensure that every simm idea has been supported, and that we continue to grow and expand our mindsets towards RP and simming in general.

During the 3rd Quarter, we’ve been able to welcome four simulations into 22nd Fleet, with three still active and growing.

The Resurgence, under Game Master Dan ( MonsignorNadNad#6483)

Set in the Star Wars Universe during the raging of the Clone Wars, the Resurgence is an Arquitens-class command cruiser assigned to the fringes of the Unknown Regions. The crew, under the Command of Jedi Knight, General Toran Loq-Varr. consists of individuals from throughout the Grand Army deemed incompatible for front line combat. For some, it was their scars from the war that had led them to the Resurgence. For others, it was a growing disillusionment towards the war effort. Forgoing an easy maiden voyage, the Resurgence has been ordered to the Kraton system. The system is located on the fringes of Unknown Space, far beyond the support of the Republic Fleet. Their first assignment is to investigate a string of unusual disappearances that have gained the Republics attention.
The Imperial Star Destroyer Dominance, under Game Master Kai ( Kai1701E#6144 )

Set in the Star Wars Universe between the end of Return of the Jedi and the beginning of The Force Awakens, Imperial Star Destroyer DOMINANCE, under the command of Commander Caran Azulas struggles to keep his forces united in the face of impending defeat. With rumours rife of mutiny across the fleet, a secret plot against the Empire and the loss of several fleet leaders, the Commander begins a purge of Republic sympathisers, keen to ensure the legacy of the Galactic Empire remains strong aboard his ship.
The Battlestar Hypatia, under Game Master Alexander ( Alexander#9291 )

Set in the Battlestar Galactica Universe, the Battlestar Hypatia had been dispatched on a secret mission, jump to the edge of Cylon territory, deploy a specialized stealth Raptor and make sure the Cylons were keeping up their end of the bargain. Just as the raptor returned, numerous jumps were detected. Within seconds the Hypatia was surrounded by the enemy. Worst of all, through someone who had become a friend and confidante of many in the crew, the enemy was inside too. After a drawn out battle the Hypatia was left without a Commander, two hundred wounded and many more injured. Engaging in a last ditch effort to return home and warn the Fleet about the threat a blind jump was engaged just as the final nuclear warheads were about to destroy it once and for all. Now the Hypatia must ascertain the situation back home and proceed from there, the fight is not over.

During this time, we’ve also had to say goodbye to a few simulations, as is the case with any organization of our size. Those simms are as follows:

  • Valkyrie Station
  • SHIELD: The Asylum
  • The Division
  • Federation of Illyria

As we move towards a successful 4th Quarter, the MISC Division continues to look forward, to what idea can be embraced next. Several of our Game Masters will be involved in the upcoming Fall Fest, and we will continue to seek out simulations that wish to join our fantastic organization.

Remember, the next simulation in our Division could be yours! We love to embrace new ideas, and will work with you to make your concept a reality. In addition, all of our sims are currently seeking new players to continue these exceptional stories in these fantastic universes. If you’d like to help us expand into these franchises, or explore something entirely new, fill out an application for a new sim today!


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