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3rd Quarter Award Winners

Oh my goodness, this was a tough quarter! We received 17 player nominations and 17 sim nominations, all of whom where well deserving of these coveted awards. The officers have carefully reviewed all of the nominations, made their selections, and now the votes have been tallied. The winners are…

Players of the Quarter

BRONZE LEVEL: Jami Bostru (Madison), Vidal Fleet Yards

SILVER LEVEL: Lieutenant Dinui Locke, USS Traveller

GOLD LEVEL: Ayla Seton (Blondie), Geronimo

Sims of the Quarter

BRONZE LEVEL: Deep Space 12, Captain Yona Carlin (Shayne), Commanding

SILVER LEVEL: USS Sentinel, Captain James McCullen (Brainfishes) Commanding

GOLD LEVEL: USS Black Hawk, Captain Harvey Geisler (greenfelt) Commanding

Final Words

Congratulations to all of our winners! We look forward to the next quarter for more amazing nominees!


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