When The Best Won’t Do… SUCKIT!

The Kaylon War was costly. Lives were lost, nerves were frayed, and utopia was jeopardized. The Planetary Union vowed… never again!

The newly formed Special Union Counter Kaylon Interdiction Team (SUCKIT) is an Earth-based unit of Union Central dedicated to the law enforcement, transport, and supply operations within the Sol system. The unit previously known as the Sol Support Squadron was renamed in an effort to redirect support to the Earth-based unit in the wake of the Kaylon threat. While SUCKIT now sports additional personnel, its own base, and a fancy research center that is doing just enough research on defeating Kaylons to make it look good they generally are the same old unit. Conducting the occasional boarding operation, patrolling the Sol System, giving an admiral a ride… and goofing off.

SUCKIT is led by CDR Jacob Taub, who is NPC’d by Stephen. Most of the action will follow the Command Master Chief, MCPO D. Thomas Harlow, and a merry band of misfits.

As a play by Discord sim, SUCKIT follows the live model sim but encourages members to respond whenever available via the web-based, browser-based, or mobile-based apps available for Discord. While we will from time to time attempt to schedule a large live event this allows members to respond quickly and often to posting and in a more one to one response giving our writing a more natural flow.

Welcome, SUCKIT!

That… that sounds so wrong….