Quarterly Report – 2019 Q3

November 5, 2019 by greenfelt



Our first full quarter in the fleet’s history has been a quiet one. The dust has settled all around and our players and GMs have focused on the one thing we have come here to do, which is write. I want to take a moment again to thank all of you for all of the fantastic writing that’s been coming out. It’s been a joy to read all of the submissions for Post of the Month, as well as see all of the fantastic interaction in our Discord server. 

Per the charter, I am required to give a report of the happenings throughout the fleet. This report will detail what little happenings we had, again, because we all have been focusing on our writing. Among our goals from the last quarter, we shift all formal business for the GM Council over to forums in order to help everyone properly keep along. The forums still haven’t seen much use, but we are seeing that change in Quarter 4. We also implemented Post of the Month awards, as well as Sim and Player Quarterly awards, which have been well received thus far.

As for the rest, well, on we go…


The Officers maintain a public docket to share with everyone, especially the GM Council, our present and upcoming tasks. The link to view can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jN8k1-64gtQ0YOf2v3isTNR_4PqolgDugZrRZ6gP0wY/edit?usp=sharing


  • July 6: A dual vote was held for the inaugural seat for Public Relations Officer. Between Alexander and ConfusedFire, ConfusedFire won 10-9-2 and was inaugurated as PRO.
  • July 10: Quorum modification, reduce from two-thirds to 50%+1 for all business save for Charter modifications/changes, 18-3-1, motion passed.
  • July 16: Vote to confirm TheeFlamehead as Misc Division Head, 12-0-3, motion passed
  • July 18: Vote to confirm Alexander as BSG Division Head, 12-0-1, motion passed
  • July 29: Vote to allow the Star Trek Division to add an additional Assistant Division Head, 18-0-1, motion passed
  • August 6: Vote to confirm changes to By-Law #4 to require GMs to keep their sim page on 22’s website up-to-date, 11-1-2, motion passed
  • September 6: Vote to close the BSG Division after it dropped to 1 sim and was unable to recruit more, 13-0-0, motion passed


The plans for the next quarter include:

  • FallFest IX!
  • 2020 Officer Elections
  • Continue to advertise 22’s name in RPG circles.


While this quarter was not nearly as active as our startup quarter, you can definitely see that we are still alive and well. The GM Council has turned much of its attention to their sims ensuring that their stories are advancing naturally. Our Officers are working on ways to publicize the fleet and share different stories coming from our games. We are extremely hopeful for a positive quarter.

Finally, I want to thank all of our GMs and our players for their support, their stories, and their efforts. It’s because of each of you that we flourish so excellently.

Don’t forget about FallFest IX on Saturday, November 9!


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