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It ‘aint all buttons and charts, little Albatross…

It’s my pleasure to welcome a new project to our ranks, Charon’s Opus, under the leadership of JakeSjet!

The Belt.

Those are the big players on the board. Earth’s 30 billion strong population crush constantly screaming up the gravity well looking for more of anything. And then you have the Martian Congressional Republic, fiercely independent and willing to shoot first to keep it that way. Earth has the numbers advantage, but Mars tech the razor’s edge of the cutting blade: a more perfect recipe for a cold ware there is not. And then you have The Belt, home to a hundred’s million’s of spacers who grew up out there in the dark. Well they’re just grist in the mill. Mining the asteroids for water and metals to feed the industries of the Inner Plants or the agri combines of the Jovian lunar system. All of their riches sent back to Earth and Mars, with pebbles and scraps left over for them. One day Earth and Mars will go to war to decide who gets to the control The Belt.

But you know what? That’s not my problem.

We’re the crew of the Albatross. She’s not much to look at, but she has a military Epstein Drive and hull that weathered fifty years in the United Nations Navy before they sold her off for scrap. That means she’s quick and thick-skinned, an ideal courier ship to get things from point A to C with B ever being the wiser. We aren’t criminals, but we’re not going to ask to many questions if the price is right. From the beach domes of Titan, to the solar furnaces of Mercury, I’d like to think our reputation speaks for itself.

And if you want a seat at our table, be you Taker, Duster or Belta…well, who am I to judge?