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MISC Divison: Two New Challengers Approach!

As we approach the holiday season, what better time to give thanks for the wonderful hobby that we all share. It’s in that vein that I’d like to welcome two new additions to our cavalcade of stories here in the MISC Division.

It is my pleasure to welcome Zuzutoo and A7ice to the GM ranks, and welcome their projects to 22nd Fleet! Zuzutoo will be manning Greenleaf Skyplex, while A7ice will be heading up Mass Effect: Return.

Set in the Firefly Universe, Greenleaf Skyplex is a major distribution hub to all the worlds in its quadrant of the ‘Rim. Little happens this far out in the ‘Black that doesn’t flow through their doors at some point. Whether you are there on business or pleasure, the Skyplex has everything to make your stay as pleasant and productive as possible. It’s all you could want and more.

A lifetime opportunity to be part of a bigger effort to restore the Galaxy to the way it was. Sign a five plus five year* contract for a mission into the unknown. Bring the torch of Citadel Space, order and protection, to those who are lost and waiting for decades. Be the hero to billions. Live the adventure and be paid for it, big time. Contract is open to everyone: active military servicemen, civilians, convicts of all races**. We offer competitive pay and special insurance packages.

Visit our recruitment bureau in your city today or find us on extranet for more details.

* Standard contract time is no longer than five years. A clause of extra five years applies in case of unexpected complications. The contract is terminated after ten years and entire pay with insurance money unclaimed is made available to the next of kin.

** Subject to Council Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test score. Additional restrictions may apply.