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New Year, New Simm’s!

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To help us ring in the new year in true 22nd Fleet fashion, we have two simm’s joining us from the 

The first is The Revenant, GM’d by Endia . Whereas many simms out there take us into the shoes of Starfleet Officers, boldly going where no one has gone before, The Revenant will not be doing that. Instead, this simm will be taking us across to the other side, the parts of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants that Starfleet would like to pretend did not exist. Crime, corruption, and graft. May thieves prosper, and the rich remember. 

 And following up that is Starbase 117 Pegasus GM’d by Toral . A new frontier, a sea of stars to explore. A new constructed Starbase in the Herala sector of the Beta Quadrant, it’s mission is to act as the hub for exploration of the Sector and to support a small Federation Colony and an archaeology dig site on the world of Nuamal III. But should all questions be answered? And if doors are opened, can they ever be closed?

I’m excited to see what stories these simm’s produce to enliven our community, as I am sure all of you are as well.