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Time is A Fickle Thing

It seems like it was only yesterday that tragedy struck in Javelin City on Ivaldi III. A huge conference put on by the Ivaldi III colonists meant to invite the Cardassians, Klingons, and Ferengi to the new Federation world and Fleet Yards was going strong. Then late in the day a failed assassination attempt against Governor Wesley Holtz happened. It didn’t take Security long to figure out that four young girls had also been kidnapped by someone calling themselves the Nightstalker.

Tra’Pel, a Vulcan scientist, was once a member of the Maquis until the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion just prior to one of the worst wars in Federation history. She saw her entire cell wiped out with only a small few surviving. Long had she blamed the Federation for the loss of so much life. In 2389 she had been assigned to work on a classified project involving technology discovered by the USS Onnar. That was when Tra’Pel had set off on a bold plan to destroy the Federation and take revenge against them.

For privacy purposes we are unable to release the names of the four young girls who had been kidnapped, but are able to report that a successful operation saw to their rescue. When questioned Rear Admiral Gregory Roberts of Temporal Affairs only said that the girls had been taken backwards in time, but didn’t provide further details into the matter. It would seem that the entire endeavor has been classified.

“All I can tell you is that we were able to rescue the four girls and prevent damage to the timeline,” Admiral Roberts told us, “The rest of the matter has been classified at the highest levels.”

We requested comment from Vidal Fleet Yards’ Commanding Officer, Commodore Neela Izal as well. When asked about reports that the structure of Vidal Fleet Yards had been changed and whether it had anything to do with recent events she had this to say:

“In order to better operate we have changed the structuring of the station departments. The Starfleet Installation has been repurposed into a Medical Headquarters, but that is all I will say on that matter.” Commodore Izal stated.

We asked if she would give us details about the incident to see if she knew whether or not the timeline had been altered in any way. And, we also asked for details about the current status of the four girls that had been rescued:

“I cannot say as to whether the timeline has been altered because that is classified information,” Commodore Izal stated. “As for the four rescued girls they are doing well and spending time with their families. No further comments at this time.”

None of the other personnel on the station would give us further details. But, we were able to find that several departments had been changed so that they had directors at the top and sub-departments added to them. Time is a fickle thing and we had hoped the entire matter would be made public, but it seems for the time being everything has been classified. We also reached out to Tra’Pel, also known as the Nightstalker, for comment. The advocate that had been assigned to her got back to us saying that they had no comments.

As we ring in 2390 in the Alpha Quadrant we wish Vidal Fleet Yards luck as they continue to help Starfleet in building up starships and supporting those in the area. I did have the opportunity to check out the Immense Class station and take a tour. It was an amazing thing to behold and is certainly one of a kind in its own unique way. Named for Captain Jodrel Vidal it certainly takes the breath away.

There is certainly nobody out there who could come close to copying such a magnificent Fleet Yard. Vidal Fleet Yards is, in its own way, a unique place to be and we at the Federation News Network cannot wait to see what else comes from them.

December 31st, 2389

Editorial Written by: 

Sarah Bennett

Journalist, Federation News Service