Final 2019 Awards!

2019 was a landmark year for the 22nd Fleet. Not only was it the year we launched, but we’ve also seen some of the finest writing and writers from around the internet. Today, we want to take a few moments to honor December 2019’s Post of the Month, as well as the 4th Quarter Sim and Player Awards.

Post of the Month

The winner of December 2019’s Post of the Month is…

The Tale of Dotty Doris, Stinky Joe, Delinquent Dave and the Chocolate Thief” written by Police Officer III Luciana Serianni (Kai) on LAPD RPG!

Players of the Quarter

BRONZE LEVEL: Blondie of Geronimo and Hogwarts: School of Magic

SILVER LEVEL: Camila of USS Black Hawk and USS Triumphant

GOLD LEVEL: AlphaJuliet of The Unmentionables and USS Portland

Sims of the Quarter

BRONZE LEVEL (3-Way Tie): Hogwarts School of Magic (Professor Gabriel Talpin [Confused Fire]), USS Black Hawk (Captain Harvey Geisler [greenfelt]) & Memory Theta (Captain Mzarak [wizardbeard])

SILVER LEVEL: LAPD RPG (Sergeant I Kevin Roe [Stephen])

GOLD LEVEL: Charon’s Opus (Mickey Serendipity [JakeSjet])

Congratulations to all of our winners! We hope to see great things from 2020!