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Orville Division – Q4 2019 Report

The first calendar year has come to a close, and I’m pleased to report that the Orville Division ended the fourth quarter stronger than ever. With the closing of 2019 we see Marowolf, our inaugural Division Head, step down from that role and focus on her sim. As the one who spearheaded the first Orville sim and the division’s Wiki, we are all indebted to her hard work.

New Sims

It’s rare to say that the Division doubled the number of sims, but that’s exactly what happened. With the arrival of SUCKIT led by Stephen and The Unmentionables led by myself, the division ended the year with more sims than ever before.

Quarter Happenings

The uphill battle of the Third Quarter continued onward with some modest gains made.

In addition to the gains in new sims, AlphaJuliet was nominated by both the USS Portland and the Unmentionables and was awarded the Gold Level Player of the Quarter.

Congratulations once again!

The Orville’s section of the Fleet Wiki did not see substantial additions, but it still served a vital role in the division’s expansion, particularly with players new to the fleet, the franchise, or both. No new members were added to the Orville Wiki team. Anyone who is interested in contributing to the Wiki should contact me at their earliest convenience.

The Road Ahead

In the new year we have new leadership, new opportunities, and new strategies, but we maintain the same old commitment to fun and opportunities for both GM’s and players. I can think of no greater franchise than the Orville which offers as much opportunity for compelling storytelling and player interaction. We may be small, but we are mighty. Stay tuned for more announcements in the very near future, especially as we approach the premiere of the exciting third season later this year.

Everyone is welcome to join the Orville division! Apply today as a GM or check out any and all of our unique and diverse sims. Creative people welcome!

Union Mining Station 42
Special Union Kaylon Interdiction Team (SUCKIT)
The Unmentionables
USS Portland