Public Relations -Into the Roaring Twenties!

January 30, 2020 by Blondie


The 4th Quarter for Public Relations was a productive one. Two events occurred during the quarter, FallFest IX and the Christmas Party. The recruitment drive continued into the fourth quarter and we saw a number of new people joining the discord server and hopefully some of the simms in the fleet. The elections for new officers also took place at the end of the quarter with Blondie, the Assistant Public Relations Officer, winning the vote following her nomination.

FallFest IX took place in November with a number of panels and topics making it a huge success. We saw several representatives from other fleets whilst our group 22nd Fleet hosted the event. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the transcripts the link for them is listed below:

The other major event to take place was the Fleet Christmas Party on December 14th. While, we didn’t have a trivia event this time there was discussion about the holiday season where members talked about what they were planning on doing for Christmas and the New Year. There was live simming that was ran by Kris and once again we had the bar scene for all of our characters to meet across several genres. 

The recruitment drive continued with some new people joining our discord server and hopefully they found homes on your simms. The general advertisement used the previous quarter was used once more. Remember that recruitment advertisements are the lifeblood of this hobby. Please continue to post these to grow your simms and as always the Public Relations Office is open should you have questions or need help.

Officer elections took place this quarter at the very beginning of December. And, I as your Public Relations Officer had made the decision back at the beginning of the Quarter to not run for reelection. That was not an easy decision to make as I greatly enjoy serving this fleet in the capacity of Public Relations Officer. However, I want to focus more time and energy into my simms. Thank you all for allowing me to serve each of you. It was fun and I look forward to continuing in this fleet as a GM. Your new Public Relations Officer is Blondie who is an excellent choice as my replacement. Below you can find Blondie’s statement:

First things first, I feel a small introduction or maybe a story. Quite fittingly, I joined 22nd Fleet after being found on a RP resource site and recruited into joining a simm. I look forward to helping the Fleet expand, to grow, and my discord is always open. If you need ideas for recruitment, where to post your simm’s ad, I’ll help the best I can, and if I don’t have an immediate answer, then I’ll help you find one.

I’ve played on AJJE Games, am a former General Coordinator of Phoenix Roleplaying, and even have a Squiddie award. All that being stated, I am not a GM. I am a player. As a player, I care about the simms I play in and the community I am a part of. So I want the simms of the Fleet to thrive, because to me, that means that 22nd Fleet with thrive. Hope everyone’s whatever you celebrate was shiny and here’s to 2020!

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