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Star Trek Quarter Four: The Voyage Home

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 -to be fair they looked a lot smaller in the aquarium catalogue…oh wait this thing is running?

 Well, what a way to say goodbye to 2019 than by ringing in the new year with new Trek? Picard, Discovery Season 3, and the rumoured promise of more coming our way. This is an exciting time to be writing Star Trek, as a new wave of ideas, plot points, and creative input come to us. I am personally thrilled at seeing the discussions on our Discord server that these new creative outlets are bringing to us, unsettling old ideals and reaffirming others.

 What is Star Trek? What does it mean to be Starfleet? Why did the 22nd Fleet allow me to use the company credit card to buy whales? These are all excellent questions that I am sure have logical answers, and a 28-day return policy.

 (Fingers crossed)

Quarter 4 Winners

For Player of the Quarter, Camila, a writer on the USS Black Hawk and CO of the USS Triumphant, walked home with the Silver. 

And in a deadlock of quality and community, two Trek Division sims walked out of the Sim of the Quarter vote carrying the Bronze between them. Well done to USS Black Hawk and Memory Theta. 

New Sims

In Quarter 4 we saw the arrival of a, let me just read the note I was given here about this, a ‘perfectly legitimate business model for freelance starship operation’. I’d be more willing to believe this if this note had not arrived with a Tribble attached to it. I mean what sort of criminal mastermind uses scotch tape on a Tribble? The Revenant does. Crime pays, and it pays even better when you have ‘a perfectly legal claim of salvage’ on a slightly used Defiant-class ship. 

But in the 24th Century, we’ve done away with currency as a driving force for our society. We seek to better ourselves, and better our understanding of the worlds we live in, by venturing forth into the cosmos on an astrogation perambulation. (Pause for laugh) Starbase 117 Pegasus is the lynchpin of exploring a new frontier for the United Federation of Planets, doing its best it fill in a corner of the map currently marked ‘Here be monsters’.

We also have a new upcoming simm joining our team shortly! But that’s a story for another time, in a galaxy far…far away…

The Star Trek Division Going Forward

2020 is going to give us a lot of things to sort out. For the last twenty odd years, many of us in the community have been writing the history of Star Trek canon ourselves. Some of us remember the debates about the fate of the Romulan Empire following the Hobus supernova. Some of us recall the Freedoms Legion’s call to arms. And others the small details that help make the written worlds we have created so unique.

And now we have a new official canon to work off of, which without our greenlighting it may or may not rewrite that which we cherish. Our choices to absorb that change, or chart a new course for ourselves, will be a discussion all Trek players will have. So far those discussions I have seen have been hopeful ones, underlying the common creative decency I’ve seen in all of us in this Division.

 I look forward to charting this undiscovered country with you all, and boldly going where no man-…where no one, has gone before. 

In Closing

I need help moving some whales. Impulse purchases arrive at warp speed when it’s not your credit score getting torpedoed. Must have own Bird Of Prey, or similar. Bathrobe bandana optional. Apply within.