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Chairperson’s Q4 2020 Report


The final quarter of 2019 was a quiet one. Aside from the expected focus on the holidays, and each GM’s individual sims, the GM Council focused on one major piece of business: officially structuring itself for the 2020 Calendar year. This election was a major event, considering that it was the first time the 22nd Fleet in its current form was able to fully determine its structure. The 2019 Elections were performed with a small number of people, and that number basically tripled in size since April. 

Once the elections were finished, the GM Council turned their attention to the holidays. The Council has been discussing a few items, including how to attract forum-based or other based role playing games (the dominant platform used in the organization is Nova), and also considered if a rebranding was necessary (we didn’t).


  • November 13: Motion to remove GM Requirement for Public Relations Officer, 15-1-0, motion passes
  • November 21: For the purpose of Officer Elections where only one person has been nominated the Vice-Chairman shall cast a single ballot for the member nominated and no further voting shall take place. 12-2-0, motion passes
  • November 27: Motion to approve the bylaw on the nomination and election of officers, 10-1-1, motion passes
  • 2020 Officer Election Results were covered in this News Announcement


  • Complete Plans for smaller sims, individual creating writing endeavors, and like-minded projects
  • Project Khitomer!
  • Continue to make the 22nd Fleet one of the premier environments on the web for text-based roleplaying and writing.


I am very much looking forward to 2020. In our first month alone, the 22nd Fleet has been looking at, and dealing with, some unique challenges. We ultimately want to cultivate and expand our community, but we treasure quality above all. We are working on several tasks and efforts in order to achieve that, and I hope we can have more details for you soon. We also have a strong desire to equip our new and inexperienced GMs with some strong resources to help their games last. 

I do also have one other little announcement. This year, on Saturday, February 22nd, there will be an online convention on Discord called “Project Khitomer.” Last year, this was organized and run by three of the major Star Trek Fleets. This year, the event is being organized by a few of the same individuals (including myself) who helped put it on last year. The full event schedule can be found below, as well as the Discord link. Even though this is largely a Trek event, everyone is welcome to attend, especially since there are going to be many great sessions with universal applications for GMs and Players alike.

I hope to see you all there!

Schedule: https://www.project-khitomer.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/m4XF6Pp

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great February! See you all on Discord!