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The Orville Division announces new shared canon group!

Orville Shared Canon Group

When the 22nd Fleet was founded, it was on the notion that every GM has the sovereign right to plot their own course without pretend admiralties and other uninvested individuals dictating to them the terms and direction of their own sim. Put simply, the 22nd Fleet is all about empowering and uplifting its GMs in every possible way. Due to the small size and intimate community of the Orville Division, however, the founding GMs made a gentleman’s agreement that they would share canon between their sims.

Two Subdivisions

With eagerness and excitement, I am proud to announce that the Orville Division has decided to make that tacit shared canon into an official arrangement. All Orville sims now will be divided into a shared canon group and an independent group. Rather than assume an in-character admiral role, I will instead utilize an original character in the Union News Network who will report on in-character happenings within both subdivisions and may cameo in Orville sims at the pleasure and invitation of the GM. Look for future UNN reports!

How will the subdivisions be organized?

The shared canon group is set in the mission year 2421 and will roughly follow the televised series. All future Orville GMs will decide whether to join the shared canon group or remain independent in the founding spirit of the 22nd Fleet. Independent Orville sims will be free to do pretty much anything the GM may fancy, and the Orville GMs within the shared canon group are free to withdraw to the independent subdivision at any time.

To date, the two subdivisions number as follow:

Shared Canon Group: 4
Independent Group: 0

I’d like to see both of those numbers increase in this next year. Though we are small, I see this as a way for our little division to stand toe to toe in our offerings alongside the larger Trek and Misc Divisions and represent the 22 in a unique way. Even if we remain small, we’ll be cozy and connected as we wait with bated breath for new episodes later this year (update your Hulu subscriptions by August!).

What about the 22nd’s Orville Wiki?

The Orville Wiki will continue follow the onscreen series. Should any significant developments occur within the independent group, or even if an additional subdivision sprouts up, then that may policy be revisited by whomever is in the DH hot-seat.

How do I get involved?!

Check out the 22nd’s Orville Division page, submit a sim proposal, or contact me directly! Should anybody have any ideas or suggestions, don’t wait for the next quarterly report. Speak up and be heard immediately! We have room for GM’s, Wiki developers, and players galore!

I look forward to this journey together. Cheers!