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Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to simm we go!

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Seems like running a simm, being a GM, can be something like having a job. A rather fun job where you get to create intriguing missions, torture characters, and just in general play with others. But to get those writers to play with, those characters to torture, you have to find them first. You have to recruit!

Recruiting on 22nd Fleet

Recruiting at 22nd Fleet has just become a bit easier. Recruitment ads are now being posted straight to 22nd’s Facebook and Twitter feeds! Yep, that’s right! When our lovely GM’s write up their cleverly worded ads they’ll be posted like a news article. How awesome is that? 

And don’t forget about the discord recruiting channels! One never know who might be lurking and eagerly awaiting the perfect simm.

Recruiting Off of 22nd Fleet

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