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The Last Light Of A More Enlightened Time

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The Federation lost. We’re all that’s left.

In 2257, the USS Discovery was unable to stop Starfleet’s last-ditch plan to destroy Qo’noS. Starfleet had hoped that this would force the Klingons to stop, but it had the opposite effect. Klingons invaded Earth, resulting in a three-week war that left trillions dead and ended the Federation.

Starfleet activated an emergency protocol, establishing Remnant Command on a moon in the Trill system. Fifty starships gathered while the Federation dissolved. Starfleet reorganized itself into a privateer organization with a singular goal: free Earth.

Twenty-three years have passed and it’s now 2280. Starfleet’s numbers have dwindled, its credibility all but destroyed, and much of its officers have lost respect for the organization, biding their time for opportunities with other governments. Captain Marty Collins is about to lose hope himself. He, along with a handpicked crew, embarks on a desperate mission in hopes to light a spark to save the organization.

Failure is not an option.

An exciting addition to the 22nd Fleet, this grim imagining of the Federations darkest hour will see Starfleet as the underdog to a Klingon Empire in its ascendancy. No more the mighty fleet, with personnel and supply logistics to keep the fight going, this is not the Fleet we know. Time enough has passed that a new generation has grown up in the ruins of paradise, one that has only tasted defeat.

 In another place and time, a great Admiral said he was not afraid of the Klingon Empire. Only that he was afraid that in winning the Three Year War they would lose what it meant to be the United Federation of Planets. And against that loss, there could be no fear in the face of the Klingons.

 Let us hope, he was right…