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Statement from the Officers

Good morning, afternoon, and evening!

This a special notice merely to encourage everyone to keep the faith. Life is hard for a lot of folks right now — a few loved ones of mine are out of work and a place to live at the moment, for instance, but they’re still standing strong and looking forward to the future. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m personally so inspired by that, and I’d like to encourage everyone in the fleet as well. Lately I’ve not been around much because I’m helping with some community response to the economic downturn where I live, and despite the mandatory closures and public bans on assembly, I still see hope flourishing in so many people that their lives and livelihoods will not be destroyed by the pandemic and the preventative international response to it.

What does this have to do with the fleet? Well, firstly, we’re made up of people. The 22nd Fleet is nothing without our players. Some people are tagging more while others are tagging less, depending on their availability and need for escapism, but in both sim life and real life remember one thing: there will be a tomorrow.

Stay strong, stay cheerful, and make good choices. Persistent fear and stress can weaken the immune system, so roll with the punches and enjoy the temporary change in routine. Normalcy will resume soon enough in our sims and in the world at large. Keep having fun in the moments (or hours!) you have available and don’t sweat the numbers. Division Heads are recognizing that many GMs have elected to relax posting requirements in their sims. We cannot help but applaud such proactive measures and encourage GMs and players alike in whatever decisions they make. Although some of us may not be available at all times, the officers remain at your service.

In the immortal words of Spock that seem more poignant now than ever: Live long and prosper.