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1st Anniversary Awards!

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22nd Fleet is Turning One!

Can you believe that 22nd Fleet is almost one? That’s right, our one year anniversary is fast approaching and we’ve got some things being planned. I know that I personally wasn’t around in the very beginning, but it’s been fun being part of 22nd’s first year and helping the Fleet grow. 

To celebrate, we’re having the 22nd Fleet’s 1st Anniversary Awards! How can you help? By nominating of course!  Nominations can be made HERE, starting NOW and ending on Thursday, April 16th at 11:59pm.

There are 3 Tiers of nominations:

Tier 1: Awards for Nomination by a Player

Excellence in Role Play:  Awarded for showing excellence in writing and development storylines and of characters they write as. The award can be nominated by any player and is awarded by the Public Relations Officer.

Divisional Star:  Recommended by any player of the fleet for exceptional service to a Sim and/or Division. This could include help with overall management of a Sim or Division or a member who is consistently contributing to a sim, or providing essential services from which other members of that Sim or Division may benefit. The award is granted by the Public Relations Officer.

Community Star:  Awarded for playing a major part in the development of the fleet’s community, by boosting morale and fostering a positive group spirit. A player can be nominated for this award by anyone in the fleet and it is granted by the Public Relations Officer.

Distinguished Service – Bronze: Awarded to a player for continued service above and beyond their assigned role within the fleet, whether that be player, GM, or Officer. Nominations come from any member of the fleet and are granted by the Public Relations Officer.

Tier 2: Awards for Nomination by a GM

22nd Fleet Commendation of Excellence:  Awarded annually on APRIL 24, the anniversary of the fleet’s launch, any player may be nominated by their CO if they demonstrate tremendous dedication to the simulation, the Division and the Fleet. Awarded by the GM Council.

Collaborative Machine:  The Collaborative Machine is awarded to individuals who are deemed to have worked hard in collaboration with others and who embodies the true meaning of teamwork and collaboration, perhaps through joint posts, website creation or by joining different Offices in the fleet.

Distinguished Service – Silver:  Awarded to a player for distinguished service in their assigned role within the fleet. Nominated by members of the GM Council and awarded by simple majority confirmation vote.

Tier 3: Awards for nomination by the Officers

Distinguished Service – Gold: Awarded to a player for distinguished service in their assigned role within the fleet. Nominated for and awarded by the 22nd Fleet’s Officers.

Get your nominations in HERE! All winners will be announced during a special fleet-wide event being held on our anniversary. Stay tuned for details on that!

Link for the nominations: https://forms.gle/f2wWaSApvn8VCztF8