Awards Season

May 3, 2020 by greenfelt


Several weeks ago, we asked you to nominate your fellow players for awards. The response was overwhelming, and today, in commemoration of both our First Anniversary, and also the superb quality of work and writing coming from our community, it gives me great pleasure to announce the following:

Our first award, “Excellence in Role Play” is awarded for showing excellence in writing and development storylines and of characters they write as. The recipients of this award are…

  • The Doctor
  • Alpha Juliet
  • Cipherhornet
  • Teix
  • Camila
  • Joey
  • Walsh
  • JakeSjet

Recipients of the “Divisional Star” are recommended by any player of the fleet for exceptional service to a Sim and/or Division. This could include help with overall management of a Sim or Division or a member who is consistently contributing to a sim, or providing essential services from which other members of that Sim or Division may benefit.

The winners are…

  • ConfusedFire for continually provides community input to the Trek Division through his use of his sim’s growing cannon. He reaches out to other sims, seeking their ideas and offering his own, and reflects those in a VFY-centric news article system. Whilst this might be seen as the creation of a shared cannon, it is this sort of soft approach that speaks volumes about fostering a stronger Trek community among our writers.
  • AlphaJuliet, who joined the 22nd Fleet specifically in order to participate in the Orville Division and has went on to become an integral part of Orville sims. Most recently this player became the GM for the USS Portland when the previous GM handed off the role.
  • Marowolf, who was the initial head of the Orville Division. Her involvement inspired the launch of a unique division carrying games that the likes of the simming world has yet to rival. Thank you, Marowolf!
  • JakeSjet. From the nomination, “He’s been a big help to me, both with the sim itself and running the Nova. Also, he never complains when I ask for information about our sim’s canon (as he wrote the majority of it himself) and always goes above and beyond what I need. I don’t know how I’d do it without him!”
  • TheeFlamehead for pushing for new directions for 22nd fleet far beyond Star Trek and Orville. Reaching out and gathering new players and games.

The “Community Star” is awarded for playing a major part in the development of the fleet’s community, by boosting morale and fostering a positive group spirit. The winners are…

  • Wizardbeard for fostering a community spirit both within his own Division, and beyond it. He’s taken the reigns of a niche division and has still had the time and energy to push through major thought provoking ideas for both his own sims and the sim’s he writes for. He is an inspiration to the 22nd Fleet.
  • Kos. In addition to her own sim, Kos brings tremendous role-playing horsepower to several other sims as well. The depth, dimension, and expression of her characters and ability to plot is an asset to her sim and every sim she joins.
  • ConfusedFire. Whether as the original Public Affairs Officer, the pioneering writer for the new fleet’s new Fiction arm, or just a constant presence in Discord, this player brings a daily dose of fun, creativity, and community spirit that has made him a fixture in the fleet.
  • Kris has been a fantastic example of a sim community member as a GM involved in council members, as a community member in being active in Discord and actively welcoming and chatting with members across the fleet, and as a sim member being an active participant in multiple simulations where she is a large part of the community of those specific sims. She has also served many sims as an Assistant GM (including LAPD/LAFD) where she is in an integral member of the team assisting the GM above and beyond the expectations of the job. Whether as a member of a team, a writer, or member of the community she is a fantastic example of what all members should want to be.

The “Collaborative Machine” is awarded to individuals who are deemed to have worked hard in collaboration with others and who embodies the true meaning of teamwork and collaboration, perhaps through joint posts, website creation or by joining different Offices in the fleet. The nominations for this award were reviewed and approved by the GM Council.

  • AlphaJuliet. This is a person who goes out of their way to include everyone in what they are doing. They actively seek out Jp’s, ways to get themselves into a plot, and always come up with ideas that allow them to show their creative side and share that with the group. This is a person who helps make a community like ours what it is.
  • JakeSjet. As the godfather of Messier 4 and all of its celestial companions, Sjet has created the from scratch the largest shared sandbox in the fleet to date. The compelling prose, plots, and growth are very compelling, not least of which would be the development of junior players into GMs of their own sims. Before he was Trek DH, Sjet was already doing the job on a smaller scale just for the fun of it.
  • Wizardbeard. Excellent writer, plotter and schemer, and someone who spends a good bit of time getting others involved in conversations, plots, stories, character development and even persuades them to take up GMing from time to time. Player in many different sims, GM in at least two and always full of ideas to enhance gameplay, enrich stories and get involved on a deeper level. Brings a great and often twisted sense of humour with him too, though also some Dad jokes 🙂 A lot of fun to work and write with and someone who brings an element of the complex, unique and hilarious with him to a sim.

Awarded annually on the anniversary of the fleet’s launch, any player may be nominated by their GM for the “22nd Fleet Commendation of Excellence” if they demonstrate tremendous dedication to the simulation, the Division and the Fleet. This nomination was reviewed and approved by the GM Council.

  • Stephen. In addition to his many duties and sim contributions, Stephen is the reason the Orville Division is still around. He stepped up to be the new GM of the USS Portland when its founding GM ghosted on the crew even while he was starting development on his original Orville sim concept. He appointed a worthy XO and trained them to become an even better GM to take his place.  He has assisted with Nova installations, technical troubleshooting, and internal management for many GMs, including myself. With such contributions to every single Division, I can think of none better to receive this award.

The “Bronze Distinguished Service” is awarded to a player for continued service above and beyond their assigned role within the fleet, whether that be player, GM, or Officer. Nominations come from any member of the fleet and are reviewed and approved by the Awards Committee developed under the Public Relations Office.

  • James has been writing for Memory Theta since its inception, which is perhaps why he followed me to Star Trek Peregrine. My dream and ambition for that sim was unable to be realized, which led me to the decision to close it. Rather than let that happen, James assumed creative control and the arduous task of turning my overly ambitious design into a working sim. That monumental effort, in addition to his years of authentically creative writing, makes him more than deserving of this award.
  • Alexander. From the beginning, Alexander provided a necessary avenue to enable growth opportunities for the 22nd Fleet via his hosting service Atlantia Cloud. Without Alex’s willingness to provide options to new Game Managers, the 22nd Fleet would not be as big as it is today.

The “Silver Distinguished Service” is awarded to a player for distinguished service in their assigned role within the fleet. Only Game Managers could nominate anyone for this award, and all nominations were reviewed and approved by the GM Council.

  • Blondie for dedication to a new community both as a player and advocate for Misc Division and rising to PRO even requiring a change of rules to allow it, as well as being a tireless advocate for players and non-trek sims. 
  • Stephen. Consistently pushes for excellence in everything he does, represents and runs multiple games while giving others key roles so that they can contribute and enhance said games. Always direct, decisive, to the point and helpful when asked questions. Takes no prisoners, puts his all into games and tries new ideas on a regular basis. Good fun to bounce off in-character and a strong supportive influence both in and out of a game setting.

Finally, our last award is the “Gold Distinguished Service” which is awarded to a player for distinguished service in their assigned role within the fleet. Only Officers could nominate anyone for this award, with all nominations being reviewed and approved for this award.

  • Stephen. In the words of Greenfelt: “Stephen hasn’t just been my right hand during all of this. He’s been essential. Stephen has laid a lot of groundwork for our charter, bylaws, website, social media setup and integration, and a lot more of our infrastructure. The 22nd Fleet would not be what it is today without him.”
  • Greenfelt. From one of the nominations: “It should be clear that this award is not for the founding of the 22nd Fleet. Setting up a group, saying we’re going to do things better than the last bunch, and just generally keeping folks together is not that special. If someone in the Sierra Nevada’s can do it with some drafty shacks and questionable KoolAid, it’s not award worthy.

    What is award worthy is the creation of a group founded on creativity and imagination. Task Force 72 was such a group back when that name had meaning, but at its core was someone willing to let idea’s breath and grow without overly managing them. And when a hand was needed, it was one of guidance to bring out the best possible outcome. Without it there are many stories here and beyond our group, for which the imagination would be their only place.

    You brought a lot of stories into the world, but the 22nd Fleet is by far the best. “

Congratulations to all of our winners.

In all, 30 nominations were received (several were for the same person), and 27 awards were presented.

The Awards Committee is working on a plan to issue community awards every quarter. Stay tuned for news on those plans. In the meantime, we hope you are all enjoying our First Anniversary. We look forward to a brave new future writing with all of you.


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