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Orville Division Report – Q1 2020

Hello, survivors of the wasteland! It is I, the Wizard of Orville, a meek and humble oracle who has come to bid news of the 22nd Fleet’s Orville Division. Well, maybe less of an oracle and more of a division head, but let’s agree to disagree, shall we? The first quarter of 2020 was truly and utterly savage for every real person and, consequently, for most people who are imaginary, aka our beloved sim characters. In review of activity from January through March, we see that is no less true as a fleet.

Covid Quarantine and Beyond

Beginning in March, the fleet formally recognized many sims had suspended activity requirements for their players due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many projects were suspended worldwide as well, season 3 of the Orville among them. Reports suggest that all but the final two episodes were filmed before Seth MacFarlane was forced to put all production on hiatus. Nonetheless, a late 2020 premiere for new episodes remains in place. As a result, the recruitment push originally intended to leverage and tie into the show’s third season was shelved for the time being. In its place, the 22nd Fleet has pioneered the first Orville RPG recruitment resources on the internet (if there were any others, they are so well hidden that I couldn’t find them with both hands and a map). Hopefully we’ll see an increase to the player pool for the entire genre *fingers crossed*. Check out the following links if you’re so inclined:



Quarter Happenings

Out of the four sims in Orville Division, one was forced to shutter (SUCKIT) due to professional demands of its GM. Fortunately, the other sims remain open even as they push to resume standard activity levels. Action plans were assessed and put into place resulting in two of the three remaining Orville sims receiving new GMs (Hi, AlphaJuliet and StarDuster!). The former GMs remain as players, and I applaud them for training and grooming their replacements.

As part of the division-wide downturn, neither the shared division canon nor the wiki saw any additions. With many parts of the world beginning to reopen, we’re expecting to resume activity as well.

And, once again, the Orville Division’s own AlphaJuliet was recognized as Player of the Quarter!

Down But Not Out!

It’s been a crazy year so far, but we’re just getting started. New missions, new GMs, and new horizons abound! Everyone is invited to check out the Orville Division and find a new experience and favorite RPG genre. Apply today as a GM or follow the links below to the 22nd’s Orville sims. Creative people welcome!

Union Mining Station 42
The Unmentionables
USS Portland