Chairperson’s Report – Q1 2020

May 9, 2020 by greenfelt



2020 began quietly and soon exploded into action, not just with the world, but here in the 22nd Fleet as well. We thank our players and Game Managers for doing the best they can during the COVID-19 Crisis. As this comes to a close and 2020 continues to bombard us all with curve balls, out-of-nowhere events, and moments of peace, the 22nd Fleet shall continue to look inwardly at its structure to fortify it for years to come.

The 22nd Fleet was founded to be a quiet place, intending to be a small group of people who were content in just doing their own thing. What we did not expect was to become (and even so quickly after launch) a harbor for many who had been wounded in prior experiences elsewhere. We pride ourselves in empowering all of our games to operate in their own sovereignty, save for minor activity requirements in order to continue membership. Our initial structure is showing some rather severe growing pains, and we want to make some repairs in the coming months to solidify our foundation as well as provide a more solid structure for this organization as we move into future years. 

We have had multiple discussions within the Council, ranging from dealing with difficult and disruptive personalities, procedures regarding the elections and term limits of officers, and even scope of the officers and their structure as well. None of these have yet come to a conclusion, but we hope to provide some in the coming months. 

Prior to the COVID outbreak, the Council did approve the launch of a shared “fiction” site, a location where anyone can come to write, share short stories, fan-fiction, and even a continued saga in whatever universe or franchise they desire. This development was paused due to the outbreak, but it is still on our radar for launch later this year.


  • February 18: Update to By-Law 7: Command Requirements, revision to expand the limitations of multiple games hosted by a single Game Manager. 12-1-1, motion passed.
  • February 18: Creation of new By-Law to allow for “fiction” games and other original writing not confined to traditional games. 12-2-0, motion passed.


  • Develop proposal to the GM Council that could provide stability and versatility for the years to come
  • Continue development of fiction writing site
  • Develop and launch program to routinely feature our games and their writing to our community
  • Launch new quarterly awards program


The 22nd Fleet is here to stay. As of this writing, we have 26 Game Managers overseeing over 30 games, many of which are still thriving despite the world-wide outbreak. It is our hope in the coming months to provide multiple resources to our players and Game Managers the tools for success. More on that next month!


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