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Star Trek Division Report – Q1 2020

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These Are The Voyages And Live Journals Of…

 Well, we all finally got to live out our Star Trek fantasies in 2020, didn’t we? We got to grips with technology. We began using hailing frequencies to communicate across vast distances. Many of us began to look forward to getting picked to go on away missions to strange distant places like the grocery store. 

 And some of us found out we were the Red Shirts of yore, bravely wandering around the alien world of Essential Work and praying to Shattner that that rock wasn’t going to come alive and turn me into a D20.

So let’s look back on the last three months of this quarter, and see if we can’t pinpoint the time and place someone in the 22nd Fleet Star Trek Division began playing Jumanji?

22nd Fleet: Boldly Trekking At 2.5 Meter Intervals 

Alt-The USS Yossarian, heralding from the time before Picard put on his Starfleet onesie, has heard the news that the Cardassian-Federation War is over! And to celebrate, they blow up some Cardassian ships…huum. They might have an opening in their diplomatic section, just saying. You can find this ship refuelling at a Starbase, hopefully not enjoying celebratory cupcakes.  

Alt-For the USS Triumphant, orders come in from the Admiralty to investigate sightings of a Borg Cube. What they find turns out to be completely different than what they expected and it becomes a fight for survival. That’s all we know folks. I, for one, would like to welcome our new Rubix Cube overlords and will be among the first of many to swear fealty to their ever-changing colour pattern. Remember: they have a plan, and a place, for all of us. 

Alt-The USS Lexington, a sim set within the twisted alternative history of a lost Klingon War of Discovery Season 1, is in a Starfleet coming apart at the seams. With hope in limited supply, and manpower beginning to forget what a win looked like, the survivors holed up in Star System M-11, they hear of a rumour. A place where their last, great hope, might be found.

Prime-USS Blackhawk…I mean I could try to compress the BOOK of a report. I really could. But instead, I’m going to high light the thing that stood out for me. This caught my eye.

Two hundred and fifty four new crew members were assigned to the mighty starship, replacing those that had perished or transferred elsewhere.’

 A third of the ships total compliment either left, or got transferred to the upstate puppy farm to play with all the other Red Shirts. Sufficed to say, if they don’t have a vacancy for you to fill, give it a second and duck for incoming friendly fire 😉 

Prime-Next we have Star Trek Jurrasic Park…No, wait, I’m informed its actually Vidal Fleet Yards but we’ll call it Jurrasic Park In Space because that’s what it is. Dinosaurs in a warp core. Dinosaurs in the corridors. Come on down to that place under the highway we all drive past really vast because that weird guy write’s there, where we have a dinosaur for every occasion. And I am not joking, the corridor dinosaur is in the report. Right there, preserved in the amber of digital backup.

Prime-The USS Altai is hunting down a missing planetary survey team. Having limited their search to a planet where comm badges, phasers, and other tech doesn’t seem to work, I’m sure nothing bad will happen to the crew of the USS Red Shirt. I meant Altai.
 I meant Altai.

Messier 4-Memory Theta. I’m going to treat this sim with dignity, respect, and not repeat the lavish amounts of crude puns provided to me by the GM. We’re a high-class establishment, and I won’t have that sort of thing making me look like some sort of comedy warm-up act. A wild goose chase on Venus is turning out to have some merit after all. Numerous unexplained technical failures are putting people into danger, and at least one casualty so far. At the moment everything can be chalked up to quirky colonial locals, but Memory Theta’s discovery of an ancient vault containing equally ancient robotic automatons promises to bring many secrets of the ancient Venusian (or Venereal) past to light.

Messier 4-USS Sherman Potter. With the arrival of Starfleet in Messier 4, Carcosia has been thrust into the Myriad’s view. After a Reka attack on a Carcosian settlement, the Sherman Potter is called in to help with the injured. There are a lot more in need of medical attention than was first reported, putting a strain on the ship’s facilities

Current-USS Medea. Ahh the Medea, the grown-up child of a sim I’m proud to tell people about when I talk about any of you at all. You know, the USS Medea is an honour student? Its true. Why just look at this plot…Negotiations is in full swing.  Not only is the crew dealing with trade negotiations between two different species, they are also dealing with a transporter accident which has left Captain Christine Applegate as a toddler who seems to have no memories of anything from being an adult.

Although the cause has been found, no attempts to correct the toddler Tine have been attempted yet.

…Clearly they’ve been hanging out with Star Trek Jurrasic Park to much, its a bad influence. 

Alt-USS Taniwha. Set in the twilight days of the Dominion War, the skies of Cardassia filled with Starfleet ships and her cities destroyed, the USS Taniwha and the other ships of Task Force Pheonix continue to try to help their once-a-time foe. But old wounds, and new dangers, lurk. And even in the ashes of defeat, embers still burn that could set ablaze. 

Prime-Star Trek Peregrine. Don’t trust them. Don’t. When has a Romulan ever been honest, trustworthy, or good at anything other than counting the daggers in your back? But noo, Star Trek Peregrine is steaming along with a plot revolving around the Romulans promising ‘warmer relations’ after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. I…I mean sure, yeah, a nuclear detonation is kinda toasty so…you know, they might just be being honest. 

Messier 4-Canopus Station. More ships arrive in Messier 4, heralding the arrival of Task Force Hecate (Back from the dead ba-bee!!). Turns out the first Messier 4 race the Federation met in their exploring, the Myriad, might be infiltrating the Milky Way. Intel suggests that they’ve been supplying dissident groups and enemies of the Federation with powerful high technology. And on the heels of that revelation, a Myriad ship arrives proclaiming glad tidings and bountiful opportunities. 

Messier 4-USS Traveller. They are using a human-powered lawn dart, thrown from across the system, like a pin in Google Maps. There is no fault in this plan. It is perfect. The memorial will be held at 20:00 hours after the change of shift. 

Current-Ourea Station. The Vaadwaur have closed the gateway, and have just attacked SH-22. Starfleet forces across the sector are placed on high alert and Admiral Paka Larem is heading out to SH-22 to coordinate. Captain Solin Edral is currently reinforcing the colony and the station, to make sure that if the Vaadwaur attack, they are prepared for them. But given its a Station in the Delta Quadrant, this is like a Thursday. Tuesday, tops. 

Current-USS Sentinel. Having arrived at the planet Stakoron, settles into standard orbit. The captain and chief diplomatic officer meet with the leader of the Stakoron people. Meanwhile, the ship receives a distress call from a group of Stakoron miners trapped in a collapsing asteroid and the XO must lead the rescue effort. So in short: brass get shore leave and bloody marys, and the XO gets to lead International Rescue.

Current-USS Sirius. The ship barely patched back together, the crew still weary from their last mission now find themselves at the epicentre of a  diplomatic powder keg. Seeking to stabilize an unsteady Empire, Praetor Tal’Aura seeks to further cement ties with the Federation.  An olive branch or clever ruse, the crew of the Sirius must unravel the truth. The USS Sirus, Serious Business.

Current-The Revenant. Piracy is an old trade in the Orion Syndicate but most pirate ships aren’t very powerful, so captains have learned to be devious and to play the long game. That’s how Opekk Challa expected things would always be; that is until his syndicate cell happened upon a Defiant-Class starship adrift in space. He charged his illustrious First Mate, Ravana Nazar, with capturing the vessel at all costs. Once the ship was secured and its crew was set to be ransomed back to their families, Opekk was going to take the USS Resistance for his prize, but Nazar, backed by several low-level cell-members, took command of the Federation ship and fled under cloak. Now, after several weeks hiding out, the newly named Revenant has docked at The Rock; Ravana Nazar is looking for a group of ruthless, ambitious, brutes to join the newly formed Nazar Cell before her betrayal catches up with her. Will you be one of them?

22nd Fleet Star Trek Division Awards…Award. 

(That should say Space Barneys)

So What’s Next?

Well given the odds of an alien invasion for Q2 seems…well…not as likely as say, snow at Christmas, that means we have something to look forward to. As Star Trek Division Head it has been my honour to help shepherd, champion and guide our new sims into their current state of growth. But I am so gladdened to see our sophomore sims surviving, thriving, and in some cases taking the hard honest look of reevaluating and growing from within the seed of their progenitor seed.

I look forward to seeing more of this excellence as we move into the heart of 2020, but more than that I want you all to look around both here and in the world around you. We are connected by a massive network of ideas, passions and dreams, and for a lot of us that helped us get through this year…yes, yes I know its only May but it feels like a year doesn’t it? Reach out to your friends, help them enjoy their hobbies, and bring a smile to a GM’s face when you tell them what a good job they did. Yes you did! YES YOU DID! Such a good job!!

I’ve spent too long around my cat.