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MISC Division Report – Q1 2020

I hope this report finds you and your loved ones well! As 22nd Fleet hits its anniversary mark, the MISC Division continues to try to push the envelope of quality writing, expanding our beloved hobby into new worlds and new fandoms. This grand experiment of ours has produced some of the best writing I’ve ever seen, and I’m excited to see where this next quarter takes us. Without further ado, our cavalcade of games:

The SRC Condor, still in the midst of its shakedown cruise, has entered orbit of Gigula. Their task? To make contact with a Turian outpost, which has vital information on a missing Dreadnought.

Having docked with the Martian space elevator station, and having escaped the clutches of the station PD, the crew are now on the look out for work. But not any kind of work: work that pays up front, no questions asked, so that the Albatross can be refueled and freed from her docking slip. Without that, they are locked in dock and stuck on Mars.

The Blue Sun hauler has arrived at the Skyplex, delivering goods to over three thousand spacers. However, frustration with unsatisfactory deals are keeping everyone on edge. To make matters more complicated, Blue Sun is in the midst of installing a permanent facility on the Skyplex. Its purpose is unknown, but with the facility comes a permanent representative. Meanwhile, the Marshall is dealing with both an unfolding hostage station and scattered reports of some sort of predatory animal loose on the lower decks. All the while, a new security chief has been brought into the mix.

The Geronimo has been ushered into a private hanger on the surface of Persephone. There, the crew was met by a group of mercenaries; apparently, their new compatriots. Just like the Geronimo, it seems as if they were under the protection, and coercion, of the mysterious Benefactor. To what end, they still don’t know. All they know is that they’ll be getting their first job soon…

Captain Anara Shaade has been tasked with rebuilding the once legendary Rogue Squadron for the Resistance. Seeking out the best pilots and ships she can find, she has to work quickly. The Main Resistance cell has been investigating rumors of a new weapon created by the First Order, one to rival the power of the infamous Death Stars…

Write 911, the new combination of the LAPD and LAFD RPGs, has launched! Here, players take the role of LA’s finest and bravest, living out the personal and professional lives of the men and women of these emergency services.

Our new kid on the block, NCGB aims to continue where the movies left off. The original Founders have created Ghostbusters International, an organization to take on new and terrifying threats, caused by the discovery of new leylines. In order to combat these threats, branches have been founded across the world. North Carolina Ghostbusters (aka NCGB) is such a place where they investigate the strange, unexplained paranormal and supernatural phenomenons. With an old run-down bus station for a base and a team mostly filled with rookies, solving these mysteries will be tough.


Since my last report, we’ve had to say goodbye to the Hogwarts, Hypatia and Anara projects. While it is devastating to lose these wonderful sources of writing, we wish their GMs well as they continue to support our community. On the plus side, our Division has garnered awards for outstanding writing!

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