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Vidal Fleet Yards: Jurassic Park Style

Our reporters were live on the scene today in what is being considered one of the strangest series of events in Federation history. What started out as a peaceful morning with the young students studying dinosaurs in the station holosuites turned into a very real, very dangerous situation at around noon station time when holographic dinosaurs started to appear. The station, like many others, is fully equipped with holo-projectors allowing for the on board Emergency Medical Hologram to go wherever the hologram is needed.

“I’m not really sure, one moment we were walking through the holosuite looking at these really cool animals and the next thing we know, we’re being evacuated from the station because they were appearing in other places,” Said one nine-year-old boy that we were able to talk to briefly.

Station security states that this was an isolated incident and reports have been coming in that indicate a computer program was responsible. Late last week the USS Saga arrived with charting information from a distant asteroid field. There was a computer core on one of the asteroids where a sentient, and previously unknown, computer program was living. The crew of the Saga inadvertently uploaded the program into their computer mainframe prior to it being transferred to the Vidal Fleet Yards computer system.

During our interviews with people who were affected we were able to catch up with Vice Admiral Andrew Clark who is visiting the station while heading for Risa to take leave. “All I’m going to say is this… I really wanted to dress up like one of the dinosaurs and run with them, however, Station Security advised me that I would be put into the brig for such behavior.”

Reporters were not sure if the Admiral was being serious or if he was joking, but can report that the Admiral did not actually dress up like a dinosaur.

The cleanup effort continues as Damage Control and Security work together to bring the station back online. One engineer was able to tell the Federation News Service that the Deputy Chief of Station Operations was able to transfer the sentient program out of the station’s computer mainframe and to a mainframe that is located in Javelin City.

For now, at least, it appears that the situation is under control and a full investigation is underway regarding security matters relating to the holo-projection subsystem. Regardless, it certainly made for a hectic day as for the first time in Federation history there were dinosaurs roaming a Starfleet space station.

Article by: Sammi Walsh, Federation News Service Correspondent