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Who Watches The Watchmen?

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The USS Odyssey is set for a mission of exploration, diplomacy and peace within the region of space past the Romulan Empire in the Beta Quadrant. And while the crew has the best of intentions to see their missions go off without a hitch, things always go wrong, and some things just aren’t what they appear to be. In the first mission, the Odyssey will receive some troubling information, a small group of high-level officers in Starfleet are trying to create a clandestine group to rival Section 31. Plagued with this knowledge, but with little more to go on, the crew has to go about their lives knowing that someday they may be called upon to bring down this group before they completely undermine everything the Federation stands for. And that day will come sooner than they think…

Those who fight monsters should be careful lest they thereby become a monster. It is an easy path of compromise, to use the weapons of one’s enemy against them, to turn a small betrayal of ethics into the necessary path to peace. The United Federation of Planets has seen its fair share: the Changeling Threat during the Dominion War, the rise of Section 31, and the aborted mission to ravage the Ba’ku. All of these things were built on the highest ideals, expending the few for the gain of the many.

The USS Odyssey is a sim that will challenge writers to glimpse into the mirror and see the dark reflection behind them, and find a place where the light of the Federation burns brightest like a sword of truth.