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And the Posts of the Month Are…

The vote has ended. The results have been tabulated. And the winners are…

*Record Scratch*

Winners? What do you mean “Winners?” With more than 30 sims on the roster, and constantly receiving more than ten posts each month for this highly-contested award, we felt that it was no longer fair to recognize just one winner at the end. Therefore, we are applying the same Gold-Silver-Bronze Levels to Post of the Month… starting now!

Bronze Winners – There was a tie!

Bronze goes to “In Memory of Phil Trippet” posted by The Narrator, Lieutenant Commander Shadi Zatra, Lieutenant JG Addison Wheeler on the USS Traveller!

And also to “Re-Aging the Captain” written by the full crew of the USS Medea!

Silver Winner

Silver goes to “Eyes in the Dark” written by Zuzutoo and Chistery of Greenleaf Skyplex!

Gold Winner

And finally, the recipient of the Gold Award is “One Mans Trash Is Another’s…” on Starbase 400 written by Fleet Admiral Mike K`Wor Bremer & Brigadier General Kaden Ross.

Congratulations to all of the winners! Nominations for the next award will stay open until July 4, 2020! Click HERE to nominate!


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