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In order to keep our members more informed of the activity of our Game Master Council and our Officers, we’ve made some new items of information public. We have made on our Discord server a channel called #gm-docket which is a quick record of every active discussion and vote that is happening in the council at the moment. This is a live document that is updated daily by the officers. Currently, we will not be releasing active discussion to the public, however, we have decided to release all completed votes including elections/appointments to the public. You can view the voting records by clicking here or going through the main menu. (Link also placed in #gm-docket.)

Remember member! You’re the most important part of our community and it’s the job of our Game Masters to represent you and your sims so if there is a topic you’re concerned about please feel free to reach out to your GM about it. We invite all members to join our Discord, watch the docket, watch the votes, and contribute.