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Grievance Policy Working Group

In discussions with officers and members of the Fleet, the topic of our grievance policy has come up several times. The policy we currently have, drafted when the fleet was in its infancy, may no longer reflect who we are as an organization, and what our players need from us as GMs and the Council. I, therefore, am putting together a Working Group to explore this fully, and recommend appropriate changes to the Council. The proposal is below:

The world we live in is imperfect. Despite our best efforts, it’s not possible to get along with everyone, every single time. The fact of the matter is that conflict will always exist, especially in areas of passion, like creative writing. It’s because of this that organizations like 22nd Fleet enact policies designed to protect its members. However, especially in light of recent current events, it’s shown us that policies like these can be used maliciously. How these policies are written and enforced reflect upon our community, and can determine whether or not a player or game is interested in joining us. I therefore wish to call a special working group together to review, revise, and recommend changes to the Grievance section of our Charter, and any bylaws that may be affected.

Primary Goals:

  • Gather data and opinions from Officers, Game Managers(GM), and Players within 22nd Fleet regarding grievances, mediation, and general sense of safety and support.
  • Collate collected data into a public Report on the status of the Fleet
  • Draft revisions to the Charter and Bylaws that reflect the intentions of the community
  • Submit revisions to the GM Council for discussion and vote.

Group Composition:
I propose that this group consists of nine members: four GMs, four players from the Fleet, and an Officer to serve as chair and moderator.

If you wish to join this group, please reach out to TheeFlamehead, or add the Grievance Committee to yourself in our Fleet Discord!