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Structure Modifications – Round 1

When the 22nd Fleet was first founded, it was expected that the fleet would remain under 15 sims for a prolonged period of time and would allow the group to grow slowly and naturally. Unexpected events in the larger simming community caused us to abandon that plan, and that has led to unprecedented growth in areas we did not anticipate.

A full year has passed since our founding, and we have found that our Charter and By-Laws, while effective, did not flex well as we rapidly scaled upward. The GM Council has begun to review our structure and started to make some changes to allow for more flexibility as we grow. The first of our changes are as follows:


The GM Council is the ultimate and deciding authority in this organization. Sure, we have officers, but our functions are limited to specific tasks. Every major decision is voted upon by the Council, and our quorum ensures that a majority of the Council is involved in making those decisions. And while our GMs are guaranteed a seat on the Council, we do not require them to vote. We have several GMs that like to exercise their right to not participate, and we encourage that. But, we have had GMs who disappear or whose games have been in inactive status, and we felt their absence should not penalize the group as a whole. We, therefore, modified Section 4 of the Charter, subsection Voting, point 8 to the following (additions in bold):

Any voting action taken by the Council requires a quorum. Quorum is defined as 50%+1 of the Fleet’s active leadership. The Quorum to modify the Charter, unless otherwise noted, is 75% of the Fleet’s active leadership.

In addition, we modified our Activity Requirements By-Law to solidify what qualifies as Inactive Leadership. It was important to not base this requirement based upon inactivity within the Council, but with the GM’s sim in particular:

While a sim is in “inactive” status, the GM will be considered to be “inactive” as well. The GM may still participate in Council discussions, proposals, votes, and other business; and retain all rights and privileges; but the number of votes required for quorum will automatically be reduced by 1 per inactive GM.


The 22nd Fleet is nothing without our Members and GM. One of our overlooked items in the initial Charter was what actually defined these roles. Who is a member of the fleet? What makes me a member? To fix this, we have added the following at the start of Section 3:

Membership Definitions

  1. A “Member” is defined as any individual who actively participates as part of the 22nd Fleet Community such as:
    1. A member of a game (or “sim”) that resides in the 22nd Fleet.
    2. A member of our Discord Server.
    3. A contributor on our fiction/open writing platform.
    4. A member of one of our committees or groups offsite.
  2. A “Game Manager” (GM) is defined as the individual responsible to the 22nd Fleet for his/her/their game(s) as listed on the 22nd Fleet roster.
    1. Should a Game have more than one GM responsible for its operation, only one GM will be permitted to join the Council. This GM will be solely responsible to the Fleet unless alternative arrangements are made with the appropriate Division Head.

We hope that these changes can serve as a positive reflection that we recognize our members for what they are, which is the lifeblood of this organization. The changes to the GM Council are really to help us work effectively on the Membership’s behalf.

More changes to our structure are coming soon. To keep an eye on what our Council is discussing/voting upon, please view #gm-docket in our Discord server. Please remember that though you can see the topics, the actual discussions are hidden from view.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Council! Our second phase will be incredibly exciting!