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Incoming Warp Signatures To The Trek Division!

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 June really has been a bountiful time for the Star Trek Division of the 22nd Fleet. 

 The first newcomer we have to our fleet is the USS New Hampshire, a sibling sim to a fellow new arrival Starbase 400. Explorers of the strange and newfound worlds of a story world crafted over a period of two decades. I don’t know if that means the USS New Hampshire is allowed to drink, but I for one am asking no questions.

 The second newcomer to our little corner of the internet is another forum game based on the USS Copernicus, an Oberth class starship plying the spaceways of the golden era of the TOS movie era. Yes, the time with the whales. And that one Star Trek film we don’t talk about in front of strangers. You know the one. 

 The USS Sutherland comes in at third place but is not third rate. The USS Sutherland is a Nebula class starship set in the Picard Era, and is a sim well-rooted in the community of writers we are all a part of. With Mars aflame, and Starfleet beginning to look back out towards the stars following the antics of a retired admiral, what new insights will we find aboard the Sutherland?

 And the USS Aquarius rounds up our quartet of new sims. Set within the exciting Eagle Verse, where the United Federation of planets did not form from the forge of the Earth/Romulan War, this alternative vision of our familiar world is a narrative playground for many and all.

 This has been a strange month for many of us out there in the 22nd Fleet, but here in the Trek Division, we look forward to a brighter future. And these four fine sims are a testament to that commitment.

 Live long, and prosper. Regardless of what 2020 throws at us.