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June 2020 Posts of the month!

Before I announce the winners, I first want to remind everyone that time is running out to nominate your fellow players for several of 22’s prestigious awards! Those nominations can be done via this online form here: https://forms.gle/yV1AGrRyBzJJD5qZ9

And now… the winners…

Our Bronze Award goes to Jonas Barstow (Walsh), Alden Loxley (AlphaJuliet, & Ayla Seton (Blondie) of Geronimo for “Nice place you have here!”

Our Silver Award goes to Tristan & Karen Dawson MD of Fortune’s Echo for “Understanding the Misunderstanding!”

And Our Gold Award goes to Lieutenant Kalil Shirazi & Civilian Rebecca Healy of the USS Portland for “Down in a Blaze of Jell-O!”

Congratulations to all winners. Don’t forget, you can nominate any post you’ve read or written throughout the month for these awards. To do so, simply visit this page here by August 4th: Post of the Month Award Nominations.