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2nd Quarter 2020 Awards!

We made it! Well, we’ve made it halfway thus far. 2020 has been… well, it’s been trying to outdo the last decade, and so far it’s succeeding. Yet, in the midst of a turbulent time, we have a few bright lights to celebrate. It is now time to announce the winners of our 2nd Quarter Awards.

Fleet-Wide Awards

Divisional Star

Alpha Juliet (2nd Award)
From the Nomination: Although Fortune’s Echo is still very fresh, Alpha has managed to fill our roster with an interesting bunch of characters. Since the start they have made an effort to make new players feel intimately involved with the in-game universe by allowing players to write members of Alpha’s characters family. The story has been pretty active since the start and there’s been room for players to explore their characters own realities within the Firefly ‘verse. They also keep engaged with the crew outside of the main site and we have a fairly active community within our discord.

From the Nomination: Coffee has done a great job rebooting the Dauntless sim from its former version into a lovely sim with engaged players who are playing NPCs as well. He has driven the plot forward quickly and gotten us going as a cohesive sim very well. Most of us know each other from other 22 endeavors, but he has done a great job melding us together.

From the Nomination: Most of Nick’s contributions, you’ll not see on our Nova… not yet. He’s been a great contribution to the Sim since his arrival in helping flesh out NCGB’s mythology, as well as helped come up with some great and fun mission ideas for the future. He’s put in a lot of work and I’d love people to know and acknowledge it.

Quarterly Awards

Bronze Sim Of The Month is a 4-way tie!

Bronze: USS Dauntless
The site is well designed and easy to read. The biographies are well put together and echoing their respective characters. The posts tell a good story that is easy to follow and I am curious to keep up with them once the mission storyline begins.

Bronze: Geronimo
Geronimo for great leadership in Firefly simulations on 22nd Fleet!

Bronze: USS Lexington
Unique timelne, plot, and start to a ship with the team going to find it first. Great quality writing from all of the crew.

Bronze: USS Odyssey
A new but vibrant sim that boasts strong writers and awesome action, drama, and intrigue to come.

Silver: Fortune’s Echo
Fortune’s Echo is one sim where there’s talent galore, fun around every corner, and is a solid community of writers and friends eager to plot the next story. Out of the gates, we got a fun mini-plot that involved everyone and we feel the sim’s senior staff does well in trying to give everyone something fun/important to do.

Gold: North Carolina Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters has been a long-revered franchise, and to see someone bring it to the world of simming and take off so brilliantly is just fantastic. I really think NCGB embodies the true spirit of what the 22nd Fleet was founded to do. Their characters are incredible, the writing excellent, and the potential for the future is unlimited.

Before I announce our final award winners, I want to loop back to what I said at the beginning. 2020 has been a turbulent year for all of the wrong reasons. The entire world has been turned upside down, and there is no end in sight. The simming community at large has been greatly affected. Slow games have sped up. Fast games have slowed down. Active players were trapped in essential workplace jobs, or stuck at home with poor internet. Others have been so worn out by the world that they’ve retired from the hobby at large.

The Officers conferred on this not long ago and unanimously made the following decision.

That’s right. We are awarding every member of the Fleet with our highest quarterly honor, the Gold Player of the Month! We do this in appreciation of our membership and recognition that this has not been an easy year for any of us. In addition, we are offering a free (digital) ice cream and sundae bar in our Discord channel for all who come by. Grab a dessert and kick back in an easy chair outside of the hot summer days.

Congratulations to our Membership. You’ve survived half of 2020. If you made it this far, you can make it to December 31st! We look forward to next quarters nominations and results.