Quarterly Report – 2020 Q2

July 25, 2020 by greenfelt




The world continued in turmoil throughout April, May, and June. 22nd Fleet, in spite of it all, continued to move forward. We said goodbye to 6 sims for various reasons, and welcomed 13 new ones. In May, we celebrated our First Anniversary. 

COVID took its toll on the quarter. Many sims saw activity slow, and even lost some members due to changes in their real life. Our own ideals were put to the test in the month of June, and we continue to look into ways by which we can encourage a safe space. Some ideas have already been presented in Council discussions, while another group of GMs and Players is giving our Grievance process a hard and critical look to see where revamps can occur. 

In terms of Council business, April and May remained mostly quiet, save for reviewing our first set of awards that weren’t related to our normal Quarterly awards. June turned this on a time, inviting a flurry of activity in the GM Council. Our structure had been thoroughly challenged throughout the last year, and many felt that it was time to repair some of our foundation rather than continue with the band-aid approach. This endeavor included establishing Membership Definitions, reducing Fleet interference when it came to creating stories, and making some changes in how votes can be finalized. 

We also took a hard look at how our Divisions are created, structured, and maintained. Because that process is still continuing (and almost finished), I will save those details for next week. 

In our review of our Charter and By-Laws, we noticed that one of the Chairperson’s responsibilities was to maintain a public docket of all happenings in the GM Council. This was something that hadn’t been fully realized throughout our first year of existence. I had been maintaining a docket for the Council specifically. Stephen and I decided to go ahead and make that channel ( #gm-docket ) publicly viewable on Discord. It is regularly maintained, and while everyone can see the topics of discussion, the actual discussions still remain private. We’ve also made our voting records public, which is updated within a day of a vote closing.

One lingering piece of unfinished business from the first quarter is our shared “fiction” site, which is still yet to be launched. This was something the Council approved back in February, but COVID has hampered development on the site. Work has resumed for an August launch, and along with that will come some information on how fictions work and how anyone can interface, or even write, for them.


  • June 7: Alteration of Voting Quorum to reduce the number of votes needed by the number of inactive leadership: 22-1-0; Motion passed
  • June 9: Addition of Membership Definitions: 21-1-0; Motion passed
  • June 15: Addition to By-Law #4 (Activity Thresholds_, to add a quorum reduction per GM with an inactive sim: 14-2-0; Motion passed
  • June 23: Restructuring how Divisions are formed and maintained: 26-0-0; Motion passed
  • June 23: Restructuring Officer roles, especially when it comes to Divisions: 26-0-0; Motion passed
  • June 23: Adding a new Officer position, Operations Officer: 25-1-0; Motion passed
  • June 28: Simplifying By-law #3 (Canon) to remove restrictions placed by the fleet on member sims: 17-3-0; Motion Passed


  • Continue development of fiction writing site for an August launch
  • Develop and launch program to routinely feature our games and their writing to our community


As of this writing, we have 36 Game Managers overseeing over 40 games, many of which are still thriving despite the world-wide outbreak. We’re thrilled we’re continuing to grow and pushing past the growing pains. 

There have been some comments and opinions as of late that the organization as a whole could do more for the membership at large, which is our Player base. We, of course, welcome feedback in any form. To that end, I will be looking into some avenues to collect that feedback, including a public channel on Discord or even a simple survey. More on that to come. 

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for their dedication to their writings, and to making the 22nd Fleet  one of the premier writing environments on the interwebs!


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