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Operational Evolution

Greetings, my fellow fleeters of the 22!

Today I come to you in my evolved form of Operations Officer for the 22nd Fleet with a message of explaining exactly what that means.

You see, the 22nd Fleet was founded primarily by Star Trek sims, but very soon other divisions sprung up as well — Orville, Battlestar Galactica, and Miscellaneous. The Star Trek Division remained dominant even as the Orville and Battlestar Galactica Divisions dwindled (with BSG ultimately disbanding). Meanwhile the Miscellaneous Division began to grow, as well, with a number of genres growing up within them.

This summer it seemed good to the GM Council to reorganize the way the 22nd Fleet groups sims together and formalize Division formation and structure. Therefore, a series of votes led to the current system:

Divisions can be (not required to be) formed when there are two sims in a given genre within the Miscellaneous Division. This recently happened with Firefly and Star Wars, and to those GMs I say congratulations on pioneering their divisions (you’re Big Damn Heroes in my book). The fleet’s charter states that the GM Council will appoint a Division Head after four sims become active in a Division, which means that a small Division will not have an actual Division Head to start.

And that is where the Operations Officer steps up. My job is to oversee the Divisions that do not yet have Division Heads with the goal of making their member sims big and strong enough to become independent Divisions with a GM stepping up to be Division Head. 

The Miscellaneous Division will continue to be the home for those unique and original sims that are outside of a qualifying genre, and I encourage everybody to look out for an announcement from the new Fleet Development Officer (to be appointed this week) who will oversee it. When that individual develops the unique genres within the Miscellaneous Division to the point of two or more sims, the GM Council may elect to create more official Divisions who would then be passed on to the Operations Officer for further development.

Currently the Divisions under the Operations Officer’s purview are:


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Star Wars

I’m anticipating a couple of SW GM applications in the very near future, which makes this a very exciting time for the 22nd Fleet. My cautious and tentative hope will be that the fleet will receive a report on the Star Wars Division from its very own Division Head by the end of the year. However, that’s not to say Firefly and Orville are forgotten. I joined the 22nd Fleet for the Orville Division before I officially moved my Trek sim here, so it will always hold a special place in my heart right next to Firefly which rekindled my love for sci-fi 18 years ago. 

In the spirit of my general leadership style of working toward my own obsolescence, I am also extremely pleased to announce that AlphaJuliet has accepted my request to become the Assistant Operations Officer. The election within the GM Council was a close one, with AlphaJuliet as the runner-up to the Operations Officer. When I nominated him for the position to which I was ultimately elected, I said, “As someone who’s gone from a player to a GM over two sims, he understands the fleet from every perspective and would do a fantastic job advocating for players and GMs alike while helping build all sides. Plus his sims already have him representing two of the three prospective mini-divisions that seem to be slated for the operations officer’s purview,” so it seems only fair and equitable to have him on board now.

Anybody who has any questions regarding the Firefly, Orville, and Star Wars Divisions, including all inquiries about joining or bringing a sim to those Divisions, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or to AJ. 

Have a great week and keep simming!