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The Saga Begins!

Lock your S-foils into attack position, Star Wars fans, because the 22nd Fleet’s new Star Wars Division has added not one but two new sims to the roster this week! Very pleased, am I, to welcome to Star Wars: Shades of Grey and Star Wars: Rogue Moon! Both veteran GM’s have unique offerings and ample experience, so I encourage you to check them out.

First up is Star Wars: Shades of Grey. GM OldManTaylor will be heading up the adventures of the morally ambiguous Grey Wing as they venture into the Outer Rim approximately 7 years ABY. If you’re up for some aerial dogfights with an A-Team twist set in a galaxy far, far away, then be sure to pay a visit to this sim’s page found here.

Our second sim this week is Star Wars: Rogue Moon. GM Chris has great things in store for his sim, which is set 2 years ABY where founding members will help build a Rebel cell group and stylize an entire moon! Criminal cartels won’t take kindly to the new Rebels on the block, though, so there’s no telling what lies in store. Check out the sim page here.

As one of the 22nd Fleet’s up and coming divisions, it’s awesome to see Star Wars get the love and recognition it deserves as a franchise. Be sure to visit the Star Wars Division page to find more information on the Division or even consider pitching your own sim!

Welcome once again to our new GM’s and may the Force be with you!