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“The Force Is Strong With This One”

I don’t know if it’s a planetary alignment or just something in the water, but I came to you again with yet ANOTHER new sim for the 22nd Fleet’s Star Wars Division. Get this: it is the fleet’s very first official Star Wars sim set in an alternate universe! Without further ado, I am happy to present:

Brought to you by GM Sheperoosky and his right hand and veteran GM Larkin, Remnants of the Fallen begins several years in the aftermath of Order 66. As stated before, this sim is set in an alternate universe with the express goal being to push the limits of Star Wars simming like never before. Fans of “The Force Unleashed” take heed! Most Star Wars sims restrict the number of Force Sensitive players and the abilities they’re able to use, but the GM team for this sim went through great lengths to create a system that balances Force Sensitive players with an incredibly diverse character creation process that tackles powers, alignment, and more!

Check out Remnants of the Fallen today and stake out your spot on the Force spectrum.

The 22nd Fleet welcomes any and all Star Wars fans to peruse the unique offerings in the new Star Wars Division or even join the fold as a GM. Apply with your own sim concept today and may the Force be with you!