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Welcome To The Kingdom Of Madness

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 Well…this is…a lot to take in.

 First off I feel it is important to underline the hard work Stephen has put into the 22nd Fleet. He was brought in as Greenflet’s Vice-Chair and together they kept this dog and pony show running for a year and a bit.  And what a year it’s been! (I am of course talking about the growth of the 22nd Fleet, its evolution into a genre unifying powerhouse. What apocalypse you say?) 

 And secondly, I want to talk about some of the changes I’m going to be making. Now some of you will baulk at these changes, and I openly welcome frank and honest debate on these subjects. Please meet with me privately at the old quarry alone and with your own plastic tarp, where we can…talk through your concerns. 

 1: We’re putting the 22nd Fleet behind a pay wall. It worked for iTunes and Google with their in-app purchases, it’ll work for us. We’ll also take payment in blood plasma and Little Debbi snack cakes.

 2: Rent-A-Wreck: You want to GM in the fleet, great! That’ll be a weekly surcharge and a selection of two types of ships, all preowned and smelling vaguely of lemon disinfectant. Yummy!

 3: The repetition of a daily mantra of ‘Sjet Is The King’. This can be sung in your own native language, but if you sing it backwards my boss’s in Dimension Q would love to hear good things about my work here on the material plane.

 I am of course kidding. (Or am I?) No according to the charter I am not allowed to make sweeping changes to the fleet, I’m basically the frontman, ambassador, and WAS TOTALLY LIED TO ABOUT WHAT I’D GET OUT OF THIS GIG. Company car my….anyway.

 My goal during my tenure is to clear the decks. We have some outstanding work to be attended to and continuing to grow ties with other simming communities out there in the great sea of the internet. That is not to say I see my time as Chairperson as simply being a caretaker to a legacy, but I am also aware that the time allotted to me is short.

 Huum, that was a bit of a downer. But I’ll end on a high note. As my last act as Star Trek Division Head of the 22nd Fleet, before the GM Council can vote on a nomination, I’d like to welcome Jakers and Nate to the 22nd Fleet! These two bring us an exciting collection of sims

Jaker’s is the GM of not only one but two sims joining us.

And Nate is bringing us a look into the Space Vegas from Picard.

 And so, with that out of the way, I’m off to move my things out of the shoebox of an office Greenfelt and Stephen put me in as a Department Head, and move into that corner office I’ve been eyeing for a year. I mean it’s the corner of a cell but in this economy, I won’t be picky.