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Star Trek Day 2020: The Star Trek 5 Of Years

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Greeting’s Denizens of the 22nd Fleet!

 2020 has been an interesting year to be sure. We’ve had ups. We’ve had downs. We’ve had more downs. In fact, maybe we should put some more downs back on the shelf…no that’s still too many, put some back…


 To help balance things out, here’s some good news: its Star Trek Day!! Yes, that’s right! The day all the good simmers in the land gather under their Nova or Forum Sim and open the gifts Gene Roddenberry left for us. And what a collection of gifts they have left for us this year! Season 2 of Discovery, Lower Decks, soon to be released Season 3 of Discovery and Pike Trek. (Yes I know that one has a name, but I’m bouncing up and down for it)

 But looking back over my…what is it now? 2001? So 19 odd years of simming, well I have a lot of gifts. I have the gifts of friends I have made along the way (And those who I remember, but who have gone on ahead of me). I have the gifts of characters I have created, and by doing so imparted on other peoples characters. (Some people call my characters PTSD, but I call them ‘character developing’) I have been gifted as a GM by simmers who have allowed me to spin a tale and create monsters, heroes, and villains for them to face off of against. (I have the grey hairs to prove it)

Every day I log into the 22nd Fleet discord I see more gifts from all of you. From jokes and banter to sim adverts, to an avalanche of Post Of The Month nominations. You are all a gift to a Brit sitting upon a felt-lined throne. 

 To that end, my gift to all of you: have a fantastic 2020. It might feel like the worst of times, but we’re all in this together. Look out for your friends, support your fellows, and help everyone boldly go into that undiscovered country.

 Infinity diversity, in infinite combinations! Keep on Trekking 22nd Fleet!



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