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Star Trek Quarter 3: The Legend Continues

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Once more into the fray, dear friends, let’s see what you’ve all been up to in the past few months.

USS Copernicus: So this thing called pergium is awesome, right? Many medical and engineering uses. The Copernicus comes across a cluster of asteroids en route to a Starbase, rich with pergium. They decide to gather this vital resource before heading back to their original destination.

Gangs of Freecloud: The Family receives word that a wealthy woman known only as “The Baroness” has arrived on Freecloud. It seems she would be an easy mark for the Family, but an unexpected turn complicates matters.

USS Triumphant: The unaffected crew of the Triumphant have escaped to the planet Selluna II after it’s revealed the Dant, the Bajoran Minister was actually a collective of Nanjing. He advised Commodore Aravan to escape to the planet and that he and his people would help aid in the fight to reclaim those of his crew that were Upgraded by the Borg/Nanjing.

Ourea Station: Ourea’s sensors begin experiencing interference before being knocked out by a photonic pulse, requiring a 30 second delay to reinitialize. Meanwhile, in the confusion the Vaadwaur begin a two pronged attack, one at the colony on the planet below, and the other, the likely the true goal of the attack, they land a small strike team on the far side of the planet to rescue a secret team of operatives who have been secretly observing the colony for a time.

USS Lexington: Twenty-three years have passed since the Federation surrendered unconditionally since the Klingons. Humanity remains third-class citizens in the galaxy that had once allied with them. Most humans, the ones who hadn’t found refuge in other systems, are condemned to reside on planet M-11, which is also home to Remnant Command. While the Federation had dissolved, Starfleet remained, mainly as a human profession. M-11 could repair vessels, but without contributions from Federation member worlds, developing and building new vessels to refresh the aging fleet was out of the question. Whatever ships remained of the dwindling fleet operate mainly as ferries or cargo transports while the more versatile starships operate near Orion and Klingon space hoping to gather intelligence on Earth.

USS Black Hawk: The Squadron’s Alpha Flight is dispatched to assume a patrol formation around the Black Hawk and the Shran whilst in the nebula. Initially, the patrol remains quiet. The Flight Operations Center is paid a visit by HASA (Holographic Assistance and Support Avatar), who had reactivated itself and assumed the form of a bikini-clad Brazilian supermodel, and informs the Flight Ops crew that every launched Gryphon was experiencing a variance in the matter/antimatter reaction of their warp cores. HASA, without orders, remotely initiates a Level One diagnostic, effectively disabling each fighter’s warp drive. Environmental controls malfunction in the Flight Ops Center, and the temperature quickly begins to rise. 

USS Traveller: Having snuck into the Myriad controlled star system, and stumbled upon the disguised ship of an ancient alien artificial intelligence, the Traveller made its jump. This jump was to avoid traversing the intervening space littered with patrols and sensor nets. Their arrival in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant was choppy and made worse as a native life form not unlike a giant squid attacked them.

USS Taniwha: Long range probes have detected a planet rich in archaeological ruins and potential mineral deposits of value to Federation and allied economy. The Taniwha is tasked with delivering a research team to the planet to set up a research facility and establish the first potential Federation foothold in the area, in form of a colony. A two week journey to the planet only labeled as Astronomical Unit Lambda Beta-426 is filled with scientific and technological preparations and conferences.

Vidal Fleet Yards: It’s the beginning of summer vacation for many of the younger residents of Vidal Fleet Yards and Ivaldi III. That means beaches, tall glasses of lemonade, and spending time with friends and family members. It also means that the long awaited visit from United Federation of Planets President Qax Traht. After months of postponements, the removal of Vice President Talar Lux, and debacles by the President’s office it is finally time for the tour President Traht has wanted to take from the start.

USS Antares: After taking on the modular system to be Starfleet’s official Rescue Ship the Antares is out conducting a training operation when they intercept a distress call from a Vulcan ship claiming they’re Syrrannite Refugees seeking asylum.

Memory Theta: The sabotage on the colony infrastructure of Venus has been revealed to be part of a greater conspiracy. What was believed to be a group of eco-terrorists are now known to be cultists who worship a living artifact that is hundreds of millions if not a billion years old. The ultimate nature has yet to be determined, but it appears that an eternal war between a corrupted AI who served an extinct ancient colony on Venus and the native life-forms that live inside the planet’s mantle has extended into the entire Sol system. As a result, Earth has been ravaged by catastrophic failures of various technological systems, including the crashing of Spacedock One. Most major cities have suffered extreme damage. Memory Theta managed to escape the worst of the damage on the Venusian surface only for their ship (USS Phantom) to get flung out into space by a gigantic mushroom cloud that punched a hole through the dense atmosphere.

USS Medea:The Mission is completed.  The whole issue with the ship has been discovered after some…embarrassing…and funny…and crazy…malfunctions.  The Doctor now has blue hair, the commanding and first officers know how they feel about each other, more than a few awkward things have happened, and an unprompted party on the bridge. All of this thanks to a disco ball.  Brought back from the cavern of Alpha Quadrant items, the Doctor decided to use it as decoration.  All scans on all items from that cavern that were accidentally or purposely brought back from there were cleared through scans, but apparently not deep enough scans.  Lieutenant Milner has her work cut out for her to dig around in it and see what happened.

Starbase 400: Federation Alliance Fleet (SB400 ships, 4th Fleet, and units of the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 9th Fleets along with supporting Klingon, Cardassian, Ferengi, and Romulan Republic ships) including the newly recommissioned USS Enterprise-E launches an attack to retake Starbase 400 and the Kaleb system, it is a success. Klingon forces retake K’Vak station and the Naredra system from the Gorn/Krazzel forces holding it. Civilian unrest flares up in the Romulan Star Empire, some in the Romulan Senate call for an end to the war. 

Ashland Initiative: The USS Southern Cross finally catches up to the USS Okinawa, a London class starship which had sent out the distress signal. The Okinawa was transporting much needed personnel and supplies for Starbase 471 when they came under attack by an unknown force. Not detecting any signs of combat, nor lifesigns, Captain Lashmore orders a team to investigate the ship, to try and find out what happened to everyone.

USS Aquarius: The Aquarius investigates a  Wallace Class Patrol Craft found crewless and adrift. 

Star Trek Peregrine: Continuing the investigation into the abduction of Admiral Berman,  Major Mattis of Starfleet Intelligence has arrived to assist, but she was assigned by someone with an axe to grind. Will she resolve the situation and out the traitor or follow a goose chase in service of a personal vendetta.

Star Trek – MASH: With the arrival of Starfleet in Messier 4, Carcosia has been thrust into the Myriad’s view. After a Reka attack on a Carcosian settlement, the Sherman Potter is called in to help with the injured. There are a lot more in need of medical attention than was first reported, putting a strain on the ship’s facilities.

USS Sirius: The ship barely patched back togother, the crew still weary from their last mission now find themselves at the epicentre of a  diplomatic powder keg. Seeking to stabilize an unsteady Empire, Praetor Tal’Aura seeks to further cement ties with the Federation.  An olive branch or clever ruse, the crew of the Sirius must unravel the truth.

Star Trek Poseidon Station: As things get back to normal and life returns to the station, Starfleet selects Starbase 50 for their Annual Technologies and the Future Conferences.  With hundreds of visitors, delegates, and presenters coming to the station, the staff is left with very little time to prepare before the first of the guests arrive. With events happening all over the station, there is literally something for everyone.  However do things on 50 ever go as planned?

Star Trek Vanished: The surviving crew of the Phoenix begins making plans on their base camp and gathering supplies. However, their new home has other plans in mind. Realizing that the planet has begun it’s winter season hastens the need for the crew to secure a safer place to call home, and gather supplies.

USS Altai: Commander Talbot’s team finds the caves where the missing survey team has been hiding. The survey team leader, Lieutenant Commander Renyo Ishi, is attended to by Doctor Pierce, while Talbot and the survey team’s second in command, Lieutenant Allison Waverly, discuss next steps. The decision: head towards the survey team’s campsite, where their runabout is.

USS Lancelot: Here we follow a very interesting story of the Lancelot’s android first officer Charlie C3A and the aftermath of the Synth Attack on Mars on First Contact Day in 2385.

USS Odyssey: The Odyssey’s mission is to search out and retrieve a Starfleet Intelligence agent who tried to defect. During our first mission, we have followed his trail to Dalia station, an unaligned orbital sanctuary known to house the most underhanded of groups, like the Orions and Nausicans. While there, the crew have run into a character from the past, Khalexis Jin, a woman who has close ties with the Chief of Security, Bear Jasper. Bear’s history with the woman is quite unknown, and it seems only he and she knows what the connection is. Tavis has ordered the away team to search for their missing agent, but from what Khalexis has said, he hasn’t been seen for a while. The last known person he was in contact with was a liberated Borg living aboard the station. Now, the away team must find this former drone and hope that he knows the whereabouts of our missing agent.

And there you have it folks, this is just a mere snippet of the many interesting things going on across the board within the Trek Division.

There are many positions open across all of these sims, should any of you wish to partake in the myriad of amazing storylines. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Stories are out there, waiting for you, all that is needed is but a step and a click.

Stay happy, healthy and safe, ya’ll.