From the World of the MISC

October 20, 2020 by TheeFlamehead


The games of the Miscellaneous Division are growing and thriving this quarter! Here’s what everyone is up to:

The Brightlanders Guild is looking for adventurers of the rank of Bronze to take up a transport mission to the city of Naleddus. It should be easy coin; 50 bronze to move a load of minerals from Alderworth. You willing to join this milk run?

Facing stiff competition in the ghost-busting business, the NCGB has been bouncing from case to case, trying to stay relevant. Stumbling upon a case no one else could solve, the crew find themselves facing a challenge that could signal their good fortune…or their end. Can they handle it?

The city of Jader, though not a famous or capitol city, occupies a geographically central position in Thedas. Travelers, merchants, and goods from across the known world have passed through Jader for ages, and it is home to people of diverse origins. The city holds many secrets, both new and old. Four characters have come together, encountering clues hinting at a deadly plot targeting the marginalized people of the city.

The SS Albatross finds themselves set up, their cargo having turned out to be hibernating human trafficking victims instead of the small arms they were expecting. Facing an imminent death sentence in any civilized port, the crew has some hard choices to make.

Having just defeated the Mercs of Graveyard Station, the crew of the Condor find themselves finally having a moment to catch their breath. Perhaps some computer repair will be a nice change of pace. However, the crew knows that their respite won’t last for long…

On a personal note, I appreciate the support and patience of this community. Navigating the teaching world during COVID has been an exercise in burn-out management (one that I’ve had mixed results with) and knowing that this passionate community is pushing forward has definitely helped provide a bit of stability. I hope to make a few more appearances in the coming days. In the meantime, I’m always a PM away. Thanks! -TF

PS: As always, we’re looking for a new idea or fantasy realm to explore! Join our Discord to start building your concept, or Apply as a GM today!


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