Quarterly Report – 2020 Q3

October 20, 2020 by Sjet



It’s only been two months, which in 2020 units of time measurements means I should be getting my 22nd Fleet pension any day now, but we made it to the end of the quarter.

 But putting it like that makes it seem like we’ve had to slog through an uphill battle against insurmountable odds to get to here. And for some of us, that is even closer to the truth than I’d like to get. You know the people in our community I’m talking about, the ones still doggedly simming with us whilst dealing with the hardships of life in these interesting times.

 I thank you for bringing your creativity and kindness to us in these times, you have been a light to us.

 But we have not only survived to this point, but we have also thrived and grown. We have a Star Wars & Firefly Division now, allowing us to expand into a galaxy far far away where a Browncoat can visit any bar they like on U Day. Not to be held back, we have a pair of fantasy sims busily working to bring a little more magic to our corner of the internet. Bless the Maker and Will Wheaton’s cursed dice!

 Our Star Trek Division carries on strong, and in this quarter we’ve seen the beginning of Season 3 of Discovery as well as the premiere season of Lower Decks. These two shows have revitalised not only their genres but brought about interesting discussions about the plots and story devices we use. You might even say that we’ve looked at the parts that make us go.

 I am of course glossing over a lot of great sims, from the ones that bust ghosts to the ones that explore the universe one diplomatic goof at a time. We have so much on show in this group that trying to cram it all into a review of the quarter would be a monumental undertaking. A more sensible thing would be to have underlings make separate reports for our Trek, Misc, and Operations divisions for easier digestion.

 I’m sure next quarter I’ll get around to making them do that.


  • July 6th Resolving Conflicts & Loop Holes: 9-7-1 Passed
  • July 16th Rebranding Public Relations Officer: 24-4-1 Passed
  • July 16th Revising the Vacant Operations Officer: 25-0-0 Passed
  • July 23rd Appointing A New Operations Officer: WizardBeard Appointed 
  • July 23rd Opening a Star Wars Division: 24-3-1 Passed
  • July 23rd Opening a Firefly Division: 21-5-2 Passed
  • 26th July Appointment Of Fleet Development Officer: Flamehead Appointed
  • 9th August Fleet Founder Bylaw: 17-8-2 Passed
  • 10th August Appoint Of Chairperson: Tie leading to run-off
  • 13th August Chairperson Run-off: Sjet Appointed.


  • Develop and launch program to routinely feature our games and their writing to our community (Did I copy this from the last report? Yes. Yes I did. It’s so nice we’re saying it twice.)


This partial term I’ve been allowed to helm the 22nd Fleet as Chairperson has really highlighted the role in my mind. I am not a leader, nor am I the boss. I am, in point of fact, the cheerleader for all of our successes. All of you have made the 22nd Fleet what it is today, a bastion for good writing, creative ideas, and a community spirit so strong we have to keep matches away from it.

I could not be prouder of all of you, and I am thrilled to see so many excited and sharing ideas in what is one hell of a year for planet Earth. I spoke in the opening about some of our players who, even through hard times, continue to write and share ideas with us. In truth I was speaking of all of you, for not a single one of us is untouched by what is happened. Our lives have changed, the way we go about our days has altered.

 But we, as a community, are a constant. Thank you for being my guiding star. I am honoured to serve you all as Chairperson. 


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